Saturday, November 7, 2015

Slacking but for good reasons

Halloween was soooo lame. If my kids would just get on board with my ideas for their costumes it would be awesome. I had plans to dress up, but theeeeeennn the tshirt transfers didn't work out well. So we ditched that idea. Then we decided to Jeebs would be a werewolf and I'd be a woods woman? If that's a thing. Well, Jeebs was too tired to get his face painted and so I threw on a blue wig and Jeebs' warm shirt, painted my byu fans' faces with one hand while nursing and let mookie run out the door in a ripped up princess dress and dinner on her face. Ezra was a character for the new Star Wars-Ezra Bridger- and without his light saber he looked like a caution cone. Which actually would have been really cute if we had committed to that. Sooooo here's to hoping for next year!!

Poor Tank took a header off someone's stairs while trick or treating. Sooo trick?