Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrapped up

After seeing so many people have success with wraps I thought it would be perfect for carrying my Meny around. She is too little to stay comfortable in our stroller and I end up carrying her wherever we go. She's not heavy, but my shoulders and back were feeling it. I finally got me a wrap on Saturday. We were headed to Harris Teeter today (it's my daddy's favorite attraction here in New Bern) and I thought I had the wrap mastered...
We stood in the parking lot in 95 degree weather for 10 minutes waiting for me to get the stupid thing right. I am so sMrT.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More pics of the Meny

I luuuuuuuuuuv these peeps.
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3 things

1. My nose has not gone back to normal yet...WTH(eck)?

2. Ya know after you have a baby and you think your belly is so flat? Then after 2 months of it being that same "flatness" you realize how not flat it is? yeah...I'm going to enjoy that deflated feeling a little longer.

3. [I'm] going to the mental institution. (what movie?)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meny Mook

This child is walking on half her leg...well not walking.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We just keep on keepin' on

Kilmeny had her first bath in a very steamy bathroom. Right after I took off her poopy diaper and wiped her up I started filling the sink with water. Ezra was standing beside me and watching all the action unfold. I heard a huge SPLAT on the floor and immediately looked down to see a puddle of dark chunky goo on the floor. Ezra was standing back in shock. My first thought was that he had puked and we were going to be dealing with a stomach bug. Then I saw Kilmeny's blanket and the poop stained little hiney. Wow, my girls have serious fire power.
What a group...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More baby pics


These are some more pics from the hospital...I can't believe she's already 5 days old. She is now on the billiblanket trying to get her jaundice under control. We do NOT want a repeat of Taylor's experience. But, her levels are going down so we're going in the right direction.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Kilmeny Nicolaysen

Wednesday I decided it was time to be induced because my old friend, preeclampsia, started to creep in. They broke my water at 1 pm and started the pitocin shortly thereafter. Around 3:20 I decided to give up and take an epidural since I couldn't have a homebirth might as well numb it. But, as they were messing around getting the anesthesiologist I realized I needed to push. My midwife was in the room and wanted to check to make sure I was fully dilated. I was an 8 or 9 so she told me not to push unless it was overwhelming. I stood by the bed and it was overwhelming. I pushed 3 times, which to me seemed like one long painful push, and baby was out. I immediately grabbed and looked at what we had. It was a girl! I was so sure we were having another boy- very awesome surprise. I was so relieved to be done and I had done it again with pitocin and mag sulfate and no drugs- that stuff sucks!!! I was so close to getting an epidural which could have added who knows what kinds of complications. I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for carrying me through that...especially for the guardian angels I know he sent. I know my sister was right next to me. Later as I was alone with the baby, thinking of my sister and talking to her the name Kilmeny came to mind. Both my sister and I loved the name. It was a character in an LM Montgomery book. Yang wanted her niece to have it. So, even though it's a mouthful for such a tiny little girl I'm sure she'll grow into it.

Monday, May 16, 2011


My baby Ezra is two years old as of yesterday. We took him on Saturday to pick out a toy from Target and then to one of the restaurants he seems to like :) for lunch. One of the waitresses brought out a little fried flour tortilla with cinnamon/sugar, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. We all sang happy birthday as she wiped whipped cream on his nose. He wasn't real thrilled with it. He did insist on pushing his new toy into the restaurant and we gave in because it was his birthday. I didn't even make a cake or anything. Lame. My parents are coming out and when my daddy gets here on the 31st of May we will celebrate his birthday and Ezra's and hopefully the new (no named) baby. No pictures, also lame.

Things I want to remember about 2 yr old Ezra:

He sings into everything like it's a microphone.
He likes to make Taylor and Cagey laugh.
He loves his daddy. (they all do, stanky cheeses)
He loves to go on walks with mommy even if it's pouring down rain he asks "uh, walk?!"
Ezra screams out of joy...loud head pounding screams.
He has a routine to putting him down for his nap- head facing the right direction (which has recently changed) shoes on, blanket on with him sticking his feet straight up, music on, no toys in his crib. Funny kid.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is how we roll

Because of the sleeping situation with the boys, Cagey has to start out on our love seat falling asleep. Ezra has to have the door closed to go to sleep and Cagey has to have it open. This is going to get interesting if this baby is another boy :) Anyway, this is what Jeebs found when he went to put poor Cagey in bed.(That black blur is Percy)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ezra eats again and gross

Getting Ezra ready for bed consisted of him sucking on his toes- at least he had just had a bath.

I heard Tates scream after finally getting her to the bathroom to brush her teeth. I figured it was something minor so I didn't respond real quickly. I walked into the living room and asked what was going on and she told me a huge centipede just crawled out of the sink. I went in to see and found Jeebs snapping this picture of it. I think you could actually count all hundred legs on that thing!

Cagey wanted his picture taken at the playground and Ezra just wanted to love on Cagey or get in a position to bite him easily if he felt so inclined.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ezra Eats

I got Panera for my birthday because it is delicious and it's a 45 minute drive so we don't get it very often. They have really tasty mac n cheese- Vermont white cheddar and all that deliciousness jazz. Jeebs ordered a large mac n cheese to share with Ezra, thankfully he also got himself a sandwich. When Ezra got that big bowl set in front of him he wasn't giving it up. He didn't want anybody helping him, he didn't want anybody touching his spoon, he didn't want his bowl moving away from him. He ate ALL 8$ (8$!) worth of mac n cheese except for 2 bites. He probably could have eaten the last 2 bites if he hadn't snacked on my tomato soup, but oh well. A few hours later...he puked it all up in the car all over himself...eight dollars worth of mac n cheese backed out! I will explain to him some day that you don't let loose of 8$ mac n cheese, but yesterday was not that day.

I had a really nice birthday except for the over abundance of temper tantrums and the vomit. Mother's Day was nice too...Jeebs kept the kids from whining by threatening to take away TV privileges- works every time. He also got me the cutest picnic basket from Pier 1. It's wicker with a red and white checked liner. I can't wait to fill it with picnic goodies and eat outside in this awesome weather we've been having. I'd get up and take a picture of it, but it's up over my head and I don't want to ask Jeebs to get it down... he's still working- worked all weekend while trying to make my weekend nice. Poor Jeebs- and being short sucks.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The best homemade TortiLLas evah

I thought I would share the best dang homemade tortillas for all the world to see- or all 10 of everybody. Even my brothers that pick on me about everything I make have nothing bad to say about these. I've recently changed the original recipe I found online so it is officially mine. The original recipe called for canola oil, which is good, but I have made them the last two times with butter flavored shortening and oh my goodness.

The recipe:

3 C flour
1/3 C butter flavored shortening
1 C warm water
1 tsp salt (I use kosher cuz I'm so kosher ha)

I use a fork and blend the shortening into the flour until it's about smaller than pea size bits throughout. (what's smaller than peas?) Then dissolve the salt into the warm water. Add the water/salt into your flour/shortening mixture a little at a time until it comes together. I usually don't need all the water- just depends on the weather. Knead it for about 5 minutes until you have a nice dough ball. Sometimes I let it rest, sometimes I don't- it just depends on how much time I have. I think you're supposed to let it rest for 15 min if you have the time. Separate into 12 equal-ish size balls. Preheat your griddle to 400 degrees. Roll our your balls to the desired size. Cook on one side for about 2-3 minutes. Flip and cook the other side 2-3 minutes...voila! (oh put them under a towel or in foil to keep them soft and warm and to keep them hidden until you're ready to eat)

Jeebs even thinks these are better than Papacita's which if you are from East Tejas- you know! And because I'm such a dork, I documented the process hehehehe you'll thank me later

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cagey is so overworked...

After a long day of watching tv, eating, and being outside for about 2 seconds, Cagey was exhausted. He had to soak his feet after seeing me soak mine. I hope he doesn't get too over-stressed.
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We'll smoke the monster out!

Last night I went to my prenatal yoga class in flip flops and cut off (and cut waistband) workout pants. I thought something might be up when I walked into the coffee shop and it was still open. (We do yoga in a coffee shop, interesting huh?) I walked in, headed back for the bathroom of course, and the owner comes up to me to tell me that yoga has been canceled for whatever reason and I thanked him and went to get in my car.

On my way out I see my midwife/yoga instructor and for a split second thought I should stop and act like I was looking at advertisements on the store windows, but instead I spoke up and said Hi. She was apologetic about yoga being canceled and explained to me how she had tried to call, but her phone was having trouble. Then as I was getting ready to head to my car, pick up my kids from the church, and go get some dinner she asked me if I was up for a little stroll. Again, for a split second I thought I should go get my kids to ease Jeebs' burden, but hey a stroll downtown? I can do it...I love walking around downtown. Little did I know we'd be taking a brisk hike around the river. I consider downtown the blocks with all the old stores, not the whole waterfront with all the old homes, the library, the pier, etc.

I really was okay to walk because, yes, I do workout. ( I can still do jump squats at 36 weeks pregnant, what up?) But, in flat flat flip flops, a semi full bladder and a very loose pelvis I was a disaster. I tripped over a raised spot in the sidewalk and had to catch myself on my poor midwife's little shoulders- she's all of 5 ft tall. I was glad she was there though or I would have gone all the way down. There went my groin- it was done dragging my leg forward, but hey, I've danced on my toes, so I continued to pull it forward with whatever muscles would still work. After stopping at the library for a bathroom break (phew) we headed back out to the river and walked up and around a new restaurant downtown, Primrose, which sounds pretty tasty and I may have to try (with decent shoes and pants on). I was preoccupied with looking at the water, the people, and the restaurant when I gracefully stubbed my toe on the rocky sidewalk- gashing open my toe. (I'd post a pic of it, but there are far too many pics of my feet on here already) What in the world is wrong with me? My midwife offered to get a bandaid for me at the restaurant, but I just dabbed it with tissue from my purse- I know I had tissues!- and said I'd be fine.

We walked the last 2 and a half blocks and my toe soaked the top of my flip flop with blood- awesome. When I got back to the car, my body was fine- breathing normally- feet...destroyed, pelvis...done. I'm sure after my little performance last night my midwife is questioning my ability to make it through labor and delivery. I'll make it- as long as those dang flip flops are not involved.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

another recurring dream

(Ezra before his nap with his pre-nap reading selections)
I walked into the Target bathroom today and felt like I was in one of my recurring nightmares. Dirty toilet, unflushed toilet, bad smell, dirty toilet seat, no toilet paper, and finally acceptabe. Do you have those nightmares? It's always far worse in my dreams than in real life, but still just as disgusting. I used to be embarrassed to go into a bathroom stall and then walk right back out, but no more. Yuck.
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