Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My latest project

When I'm pregnant I don't feel as guilty about skipping workouts. I'm trying to squeeze in 2 a week, but I'm getting big, uncomfortable and more in pain so some weeks it's only one- dang it. Sooooo all the time I save not squeezing in workouts I can focus on projects. I've been wanting to make a ruffled shower curtain for a while because I want to do black and white in my bathroom and then paint the walls a funky color- in my bedroom too- have I talked about this before? Anyway, I got it done- even though it looks like a drunk person sewed it, it's done and I think it looks pretty dang cute. I don't think the pictures do it justice, but the wall color with the white and black is killing me. I picked out a vibrant green, but Jeebs worked his magic and showed me what it would look like with green in there on the computer and now I'm thinking blue? Blue or green? goobers or raisinets? We'll see and when it's all done of course I'll be posting pics because I know you're all waiting with bated breath.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is Cagey showing me how long he can hold his breath- and Ezra showing me his gum. I don't know where Taters was in all of this. She was probably playing with her new glove because people... it's softball season, again. She slept on her glove last night to help break it in (a trick she learned from her daddy). Taters gets home from school, does homework (under duress), and leaves for softball practice, karate or activity day girls. I'm not ready for her to be this grown and doing all this stuff. Karate will have to go by the wayside next month because softball will be in full swing (haha) and it's just too much. She gets to bed late and then gripes about having to get up in the morning. Although, Saturday morning she was awake bright and early at 6:30- after going to bed at 9:30. My kids just know what day of the week it is, how much they need to sleep in, and how much to complain for the appropriate day. Weekdays are bad for Tates, Saturdays are bad for Cagey because he knows the next day is Sunday, and sunday is bad for Tates and Cagey because they know there's no cartoon watching before church. They will probably forever wake up early on Saturdays for cartoons and sleep in on Sundays putting off the inevitable. Ezra seems to wake up pretty much the same time everyday or as soon as he hears movement in the house.

Tonight I got to go to Stake choir practice and we're singing Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing...I hope I can make it through it. I'm pregnant and I love the song. AND, Richard G. Scott is coming to our stake conference, Richard G. Scott! He just seems like he can look right through you to your soul- scary, but gotta love him. Here's MoTab singing this song-you should watch it, "do it now."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ezra took a bubble bath tonight and fully enjoyed every minute of it. It must be so awesome to fit all the way under the water in the tub. I don't remember those days, dang it. I need a big tub, a big one.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jeebs loves legos...

and Glenn Beck (oh and his new phone). The kids bring Jeebs random legos throughout the day and I guess he put them to good use.
Tates took 13 cents to school today to donate to the Africans for water. So many things about that make me laugh and shake my head. Ezra likes to flip through my scriptures and say "Jesus"- he also would not come out of Quizno's today until I handed him his little container of pickles to eat on the way home ( I didn't have a free hand to drag him kicking and screaming). Cagey asked me (while Jeebs sat between us) if I would ask daddy to DVR the new Wipout this week. Me- I'm just insane and my belly could be a public service announcement against teen pregnancy.

We also showed our house!! It was too small for the people- but at least we showed it! They came early so we were still putting away the vaccuum cleaner, taking out trash yada yada. We were running out and I noticed that 1. there was dog poop in the front yard 2. I missed wiping off some of the chrome polish off the kitchen faucet 3. Cagey's water cup was still sitting on his shelf in his room and 4. dog poop was still dried up in the garage. Awesome.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Popcorn time

Every Sunday evening is popcorn night. I don't know how the tradition started, but it must have been Jeebs because I'm not a big fan of microwave popcorn. I do love traditions and having all my kids around though. Last night was no exception- we had popcorn and America's Funniest Videos promptly at 7. There's nothing that can get the kids inside and quiet faster than popcorn time and AFV.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My glutch

This is my nightly routine- drinking this glutch. It's Capra Mineral Whey which is basically dehydrated goat's milk whey. It's supposed to be one of the best goat milk wheys though because of the way the goats on Mt. Capra are raised- go figure. It taste like pure D grade A poo poo. It has all kinds of great health benefits one of which is helping your body absorb the calcium you take in. Why oh why must it taste so nasty? I put a little cream in it to take off the edge. I used to put honey in it, but honey now makes me sick because it just reminds me of this stuff- not to mention the heartburn honey gives me while I'm pregnant. It's great. After I suck this junk down I will try to swallow the rest of my vitamin/herb cabinet. Calcium, vitamin a&d, c, b complex, and e- a shot of kelp liquid, cascara sagrada, hawthorne berry, and a mix of more thyroid supporting herbs. So, if I smell like a natural foods store- you know why. (I'm trying to get my courage up to start taking my cod liver oil again- don't know if that will happen in the next 11 weeks.)

Monday, March 14, 2011

More toe pictures

But this time they're not mine. I had my first ultrasound today and we know we have another monkey toed baby. I don't know where they get these monkey toe genes. Maybe my daddy? He's part monkey sooooo...

Even though I was very tempted I decided not to find out what we're having today- we'll know in 11 weeks. I'm still pretty convinced it's a boy, I think I even saw a boy part, but it may have been umbilical cord.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Because my brother Glen is frantic

He has to know how my cupcake centerpieces turned out for the Relief Society activity. So without further ado, Glen, here ya go:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is why I'm hot

Yes, I know that deflicted is not a word, but it fits. I'm trying to decide if my nose has started swelling yet so vote now in the comments. Be kind, Glen, I hate you.

And this is what 131 fondant flowers look like. After searching about 8 different stores here- I had to come up with a plan C. This is plan C- more work, not as cute, but I am almost done. Piping on buttercream tomorrow and topping 130 cupcakes with these little daisies. I also bought Easter grass to put around the cupcakes for the centerpieces of the tables. I was trying to find some little butterfly cutouts to add to the centerpieces, but alas I hadda go bathroom so I had to cut my 3rd trip to Michael's short- shocker, I know.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She hadda go bathroom...

My bladder messes up a lot of things for me, especially when I have baby sitting on it. As I sat anticipating my midwife appointment all I could think was, I have to go to the bathroom! She came in and wanted to make small talk- specifically about my religion. She went on to tell me she had a lot of Mormon family members- her godparents were Mormon etc. It could have been a great opportunity to talk about my religion and beliefs, but what was I thinking? "Hurry up lady so I don't wet myself, or you!"

Tonight I went to a prenatal yoga class for the first time and thank heavens it was only an hour. You're supposed to relax and focus on breathing, right? All I could think was, I need to go to the bathroom and how bad would that interrupt the flow of the class to ask where the restroom was? I hate it. As I stood up to praise the sun, I prayed that I wouldn't wet myself. At least now I know where the restroom is so I can just go instead of worrying about asking and ruining the Zen or anybody's Chakra- or whatever I would interrupt.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I would ban cold cereal

If I were the first lady I would ban cold cereal. No I wouldn't because I don't believe in banning food, but I really hate the stuff. I eat eggs every morning now that I am pregnant and trying to keep my protein grams at 75-80 grams a day. But, even if I weren't, I would prefer eggs above all else. I was raised having a hot breakfast most mornings. That's how I have to start my day- if I don't I'm sick and/or starving for the rest of the day. It's not pretty. Oh, it also has to be a protein packed hot breakfast, can't handle carbs in the morning, it does get annoying. **There is one exception to this, Kashi- I love Kashi it's tasty and it stays with me until lunch time.

Jeebs, on the other hand, prefers nasty, nutritionally deficient, cold cereal. My kids have also started to like cold cereal, but I feel like my boys see it as a pre-breakfast snack. By the time they finish their cereal I've finally finished making my eggs and ezekiel bread toast and inevitably when I plop down my breakfast they want eggs. I can't deny them eggs because they are so good for you. They're almost a perfect food and for pregnant women- an easy protein packed little nugget. Bonus** How many protein grams does an egg have? Don't cheat! I'll announce the winner tomorrow and send you a great big "good job" from New Bern, North Cackalacky.

ps Raw milk is only legal for pet consumption here in this wacked state!! and a midwife was arrested!! This state needs help!! I was raised in Texas where we do what we want- REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

To my 5 faithful readers

Thanks y'all- I am trying to go with the sucker ones, but have been unsuccessful so far in finding those exact dang suckers. I can order them for cheap from oriental trading company, but shipping would be 14$ to get them here in time and I don't think the church would appreciate 21$ worth of suckers :) I'll check drugstores Monday. In case you were wondering what 141 cupcakes looks ya go.
I don't know how I'll fit all those in my freezer. AND in case you were wondering how Jeebs looks with a whole hot dog in his ya go.
He loves me so much hehehehehe

Friday, March 4, 2011

All YE who Enter here

I need help making an important decision. I've been asked to make 120 cupcakes for our relief society activity. The theme is Emma's Garden Party or something like that. I have decided to make flower cupcakes and possibly throw in a few bee and/or butterfly cupcakes. These are supposed to be the centerpieces for the tables. I have two different ideas for flower cupcakes:


Please vote now in the comments!

I like the lollipop ones because there can be more colors, but the sunflower ones would look really cute interspersed with bee cupcakes.

and tonight:
I made Hawaiin Haystacks...and I wore my lei my mother in law gave me. This is about as close to going to Hawaii that I'll get for a long time, I'm sure.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

yummity and freebies

Jeebs has gotten a free cell phone from a company he did some work for because of his awesomeness. Today- we got a surprise package from another company for his awesomeness. It was a tin of POPCORN! We immediately busted it open and now I feel sick. Is there a theme here?

I love watching this kid eat. I made spinach pesto with whole wheat pasta and pan fried chicken with mushrooms for dinner tonight. I was proud of myself because I. am. tired. It was so very tasty. Ezra and I were the only ones to eat it. (Jeebs would've eaten everything, but he's not eating pasta) I refuse to let this boy get corrupted. He loves fruit and eats just about anything I give him. He loves to eat my food which is usually a salad or something containing spinach so...hip hip hooray!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Butterflies and Glutch

We have butterflies!! They emerged from their chrysallises some time this morning. I think (I know) I am way more excited about it than Cagey. After they got over the initial shock of coming out with wings they started leaking this red glutch which I have learned is meconium. It's nasty folks. In the literature I got with the kit they made it sound like it was just little drops, but I've got a big red/brown patch on one side and red smears on top of my washing machine (I put them in the laundry hutch to keep them warm). The one on the left has a gimpy wing, "a good butterfly should have like 2 good wings". His proboscis is also fully unfurled and just hanging out- I think he messed himself up- or it was because Jeebs turned his chrysalis wonky when he moved them.
There have been far too many pics of my feet on here lately, oh well. I wore these flip flops today- they're yang's. I don't ever put them on and not think about my sister. She got them in Houston while she was getting her "treatments". She was putting on her makeup and felt the sudden urge to puke- ran to the bathroom and slid on the slick bottoms of these things- down to the floor hurting herself. I hate that story- I thought about it after I got home from our walk and I wanted to sob. My eyes started getting hot and I got a lump in my throat- then I remembered I had to wipe Percy's bum because he hadn't successfully pinched off his watery gross poo. The smell hit me and I had my own urge to run to the bathroom and yack.