Friday, December 30, 2016 romantical

Chubby's even had our license plates so close- only thing separating us was...Utah.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas!!! and 15 years

Our Christmas was wonderfully relaxing and calm. I decided I wouldn't stress about everything being perfect for my kids and just try and enjoy myself. If I hadn't felt so bad it would've worked like a charm. Everybody has been sick and after taking care of sick kids, cleaning up vomit and getting to bed late so many nights my body started sinking. I think it has all come to a head today. My throat was hurting last night and all I could think about was that annoying commercial with the sleeping little girl thinking to herself "it'll hurt if I swallow, it'll hurt if I swallow, it'll hurt if I, MOMMY!"

But here are the pics of Christmas that didn't make the instagram cut:

Mookie came in before everybody else while we were getting clothes on...side eye. She's been sick for a while so we'll forgive her this time.

Ezra got so many legos...he loves them, but it makes me want to cry. I hate legos so much!

This is just too cute not to share again. I love them looking at each other. Loo got a new stroller and baby doll to push around. Annnndd new shoes and clothes because she loves shoes.

Cindy Loo trying to fit in this car just like the Grinch. And Mooks looking a little too much like her momma...I know you're all thinking it.

And this is kind of backwards, but we have a new Christmas Eve tradition...CHUBBY'S!! I don't love Chubby's, but my kids do and now they're in Saratoga Springs!! Just so nice to have something new :) Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! 

OH and Jeebs and I have been married for 15 freakin' years now. Weird. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hello December, I'm not ready

Santa Claus can come now :) We have our fireplace!! Hopefully the drywall guys will come finish it by Friday.
It's now December and I am still recovering from Thanksgiving. I only took a few pics...I was too worn out from cooking every food in the land!!

Loo has slipped back into not sleeping through the the recovery process is slower. I love Christmas, but I'm not really ready for all the work of decorating and shopping. I just want to enjoy the season because it is the best time of the year and it always go by way too fast.

And lastly...muscles. It's my blog and I'll flex if I want to, flex if I want to. You would flex too if you had muscles on you :) (gotta sing it) Now I've got to go make Christmas treats.