Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm directionally challenged

Sooo when I decided to go to Stake Conference tonight Jeebs printed off the directions to the stake center for me. It's hard for me to even follow step by step directions, I know it's ridiculous. Luckily, Jeebs had signed up for 30 free minutes of On Star so I knew if I got lost I could get a hold of Jeebs. Amazingly, I made it without one wrong turn and I pulled in just in time to see my Jeebs standing outside hanging up his phone. My first thought was that he had seen us before he was able to call us. But, as I opened the door the first thing he said to me was, "has the car not been ringing?" It hadn't been ringing and he even tried to call again and make sure...I guess our minutes have expired. He told me he was trying to figure out a way to get a hold of on star to see if there had been a crash reported. When I finally got home I checked the home phone and there were about 9 missed calls from poor Jeebs. I'm giving the poor man more gray hairs every day. It is wonderful to be loved.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On rainy days...

My kids like to make a "pile" in the living room. After the pile is big enough and complete with every pillow and blanket in the house the chaos ensues.

Really, what else are you supposed to do when you can't go outside? Drawing pictures? Playing games? Nah, jumping on a pile is much better.

And just for your entertainment and proof for myself... my growing nose... and face...

March 10th and about a week and a half ago. 4 weeks of big nose to go.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A very short trip

We squeezed a lot of activities into our 5 day jaunt to Tejas. We went to the zoo, swam in the icy water, shopped, slip n slid-ed, and celebrated Easter early.
Thanks to Aunt Tessa- the kids had a blast with a couple of tarps, some soap and some water.
Our Easter egg hunt was Friday because we were on the road on Sunday- blagh. I have never been so glad to get out of a car!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Look it!

I grew these! I was so excited to get home after our week long get away and find these gorgeous, perfect strawberries all over my strawberry patch. I think plants are like pots- a watched plant will not produce. I bought 2 strawberry plants from Lowe's about 3 years ago and just stuck them in the ground. The first year we got about 2 maybe 3 strawberries. Last year they came back and everything they produced (which wasn't much) went to the dang bunnies. This year they have come back and spread and have started producing a bunch! We came home from Taylor's softball game and found peter cottontail in the back yard. All I have to say is he better step away from my strawberry patch!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Show me the HOLE IN THE WALL!

Okay- I will...(do your kids watch that game show? it's really kinda dumb)This is what you get when your very determined 8 yr old can't get the bathroom closet door to stay open so she just pushes until the door goes through the door stopper. It really ups the resale value, luckily Jeebs can add a candy coated shell so we're okay. This is why you shouldn't try and sell your house with small children. There is constantly a dent, a chip, a stain, a cut or a hole happening somewhere. Ezra also puked in the living room after gagging on a hair rubber band. He had just eaten chocolate chips so it was nice and dark. But, I have a secret weapon, Capture Carpet stain remover, get some! I am constantly crawling around on my carpets getting up spots and they come out every time with that stuff. I just hope we can keep the house presentable until we sell it!

In other news, it's (edited)tired in here. What show? That's how I feel all the time unless I'm in the midst of a panic attack.

Arrested Development (I think)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My black and white and blue all over bathroom

We finished painting on Friday and we showed our house today. I'm pretty sure we'll get an offer and my shower curtain will be what clinches the deal. See that thing in the window? Jeebs made that for me and I painted the black scrolly stuff on it. I am liking it a lot (in the dumb and dumber way. Okay that is all because my brother has informed me that nobody cares...about my bathroom.

Cagey had an art project this Friday for school. He sat for about an hour just painting by himself. I thought his painting turned out pretty awesome.

For the grandparental units

Tates had her opening day and her first game yesterday. We were freezing. Tater's team lost her game 10-1...Tates got the 1 for her team. Yay Tates! She was fielding and hitting like a champ. This is her first run for the season. After this point and inning the umpire called the game- I think it was the mercy ruling.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Tates is the ultimate combination of my sister and me. She doesn't like getting up in the morning if she hadn't fallen asleep before 8:30 the night before and after she does get up she just lollygags until I want to go crazy. My parental units can attest to the fact that our weekday mornings (and Sunday mornings) were bad. I would lay in bed until I was either physically removed or threatened with something bad enough to make me move. I hated getting up and getting ready for school. School was not my friend. My sister would get up and happily get ready. She was always up way before me, but since we shared a room I was privy to all her morning routine: Her annoying alarm would go off way before I needed to roll out...she would hit the snooze and I knew I had the sound of that annoying thing to look forward to again. She would hit the snooze until she absolutely had to get up (why would you do that? why not just set the first alarm to go off at the last possible moment?) Anyway, she would then get up and get a shower. I would be blissfully off to sleep again until she got done and came back in the room. She would thoughtfully chunk a large pillow sham at my face so that the light didn't blind me...sham to the face was a much better alternative. I would groan and pull the pillow over my face. She would then proceed to spray on her deodorant that filled the room with powdery, choking perfume. I would go from under the pillow sham cowering away from the blinding light to choking and gasping looking for fresh air anywhere. After deodorant and clothes were donned she would move to the vanity for her morning make-up and hair routine. Yes, I was still in bed and yes, momma was yelling at me between bangs in the kitchen to "GET UP RIGHT NOW!" I stayed in bed. Yang would sit at the vanity in our room to do her face and hair. She would sit there on that dang bench, creak, creak, creaking until I almost lost it, I would almost get up, almost.

Daddy would eventually come in, if he were home, and pull off my covers or do the light switch on and off until I couldn't tolerate all the interruptions any more. By that time Yang had moved to the breakfast table and I was just getting up to get dressed. She would sit and linger over her breakfast until momma would go crazy. One time she brought her breakfast back to our room (a piece of cheese toast) and I wanted just a taste of the melted cheese. As I grabbed for just a pinch of cheese the whole slice came off and being the twerp I am I downed the whole thing, leaving Yang with a piece of bread toasted just on the outer rims- white hole where cheese had been. I was never forgiven for that one.

Yang would finish her breakfast (finally) and move back to our room to fix her hair. I was usually fixing my hair at the same time. (See I could do all that catching up while she ate her breakfast- I don't know why I needed to get up so early :) Anyway- I would fix my hair or get my mom to help me. Yang would stack her 3 story high bangs- usually while we all waited in the car, honking and beeping like mad men. Glen was irritated because he hated being late, I was irritated because I hated going to school, Yang was irritated because we were honking at her, and Page was just chilling in the back probably sedated by all the cold cereal he had just consumed. Even after all those mornings we still came out best of friends (by the END of the day). I don't know how my parents survived it. Actually, I do, there was a lot of Dr. Pepper and diet coke involved.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Chillren

Cagey was doing his school on the computer the other day, minding his own business. Ezra wanted to sit behind and watch or so I thought. I had just picked up the camera and started snapping pics. I was able to catch this little visual story as I stood behind the camera and warned them to stop. I thought I was going to catch two sweet brothers watching a school lesson online...

Ezra just smacked Cagey (or pulled his hair I can't remember) because he wanted to see better. Cagey warns him to stop.
He doesn't stop and Cagey pushes him back to get him off of him.Ezra comes back with the fatal chomp to the side.
Aren't they cute? Ezra keeps biting, hitting or pulling hair. He is a maniac. He is definitely hitting the terrible twos early. Yesterday I really wanted to snap their picture, but couldn't find the camera fast enough. Cagey was sitting in the recliner reading Ezra one of his favorite stories. Ezra was standing in front of the recliner listening intently...thankfully there was no biting that time.

8 more weeks people, 8 MORE WEEKS! I can't wait to be able to sleep and be comfortable again. I wake up about 6 times a night and it's getting very old. I'm eating pumpkin seeds and occasionally get one that tastes like skunk and I don't really mind it- is that weird?