Thursday, November 29, 2012

Staying awake

I'm sitting at my kids' school waiting for them to come out. It's 2:52 and it is so hard to stay awake every time I do this. Many times I fall asleep in the line- full on mouth open, drooling and snoring. Okay no drooling or snoring but falling asleep with your mouth hanging open in public is bad enough. I wish I could sleep like Ezra. That kid fell asleep standing up next to his bed. He had gotten up many times after he had been put to bed- I don't know if this was after getting up or about to come out in the living room. Either way- good grief.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The thing about running

I have actually learned to like running. I have never really been a runner. Before this past summer I think I had done exactly three, 3 mile runs. I would look at people in their running gear and gag. I'd see people running and wish for them to sit on the couch and eat some chips. Now, I see people running and wish to run like that. I can run at least three and a half miles without stopping and without feeling like I'm going to die. I look outside and wish to be out there on the road pounding the pavement. But, the only real time I have to go running is 6 in the morning before my kids have to get up for school. It's dark and you know what's out at 6 in the morning? Animals. Animals looking for breakfast. This white girl does not want to be breakfast. The Jordan River trail just behind the house is great for running. It's the first place I ran my first myself of course. It's a nice trail. Until, our neighbor that runs on there all the time told me he saw a cougar pulling his freshly killed deer off the trail. I will no longer be on there by myself. The park is where I did most of my running this summer. But, it was daylight when I ran. I don't mind going early, but I guess I'm scared of the dark. So, I guess I'll hang up my running shoes until Summer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Taylor cleaned and I almost passed out

Taylor cleaned up her room, perfectly, without being asked. I sucked in so long I almost fainted. Her daddy asked her why she did it and she said she was happy. Hot dawg! Pray for happiness in this kid all year long!

When Jeebs is in charge

We were supposed to be bowling last night, but Jeebs was supposed to make sure it wasn't league night. It was league night. Soooo we headed over to Mickey D's for a delicious ice cream refreshment and playing in the indoor playground. Shantae couldn't contain herself... And I guess she had to save Hannah too. I think she really just wanted to play.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Still Recovering

I guess I'm in a funk. I'm still getting over the depression and anxiety after election day. But, today is a new day and I have challenged Jeebs to a weight loss competition. I was trying to appeal to his unselfish nature and say the prize for the winner would be letting the winner get the other a Christmas present and the loser couldn't get the winner anything. He immediately wanted all the rest of the flour tortillas. Soooo, we still haven't come up with the terms, but we're gonna do the dang thing! I have been trying and trying and trying for a year and I weigh 4 pounds less than I did a week after MOoks was born. AGghh.

The good news?? It's Thanksgiving this week so it should be a great weight loss week...right? Right. Also today was Mookie's first day in nursery, which is actually pretty sad. She did okay and was the smallest, youngest kid by far.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is how we roll

Mooks rolls in her popcorn or runs around naked. And I have a mini recording session in the bedroom. We are still so depressed about what's coming after this election... O is passing 68 new regulations a day. Syria is fighting Israel and there have been massive lay offs in several companies around the country. And O has already started his push for a gun ban. That's only the first week of a second term of O. Hold on to your... you know what's. AAAAAND not to mention the fact that he allowed our US ambassador and 3 other people die in Libya!!! He needs to be impeached and we gave him 4 more years!! Insanity!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After last night's election I am totally in awe of the ignorance in America. I wasn't hopeful that Romney would win until after the Libya fiasco. Then the debates went his way and I was cautiously optimistic. Another glimmer of hope was the fact that you could go down the list and check off the things Obama has failed at. Unemployment is up...regardless of how the media is spinning it. Gas prices are through the roof. More people are on food stamps and welfare than ever before. The deficit is up, not down Mr. President. Our allies are ignored and our enemies are being given weapons. I thought people would be tired of limping along. But, as we have seen people want to be taken care of cradle to grave. As Rush said, "they voted for Santa Clause and feel entitled to have a visit from him every day."

I couldn't go to sleep last night after the election was called. I was and am so anxious for what is to come. I don't want to be taken care of by the government.  I want the government out of my life. Complacency has gotten us here.

This was eleven years ago. How far we have come. I remember Jeebs saying he was a conservative liberal and I thought there was no way in HECK I could marry a liberal. Then I introduced him to Rush and he's a better man for it. You're welcome, honey. Now, I'm going to read my scriptures and pray for a miracle for our country.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Red pants

I have these red pants and they are awesome. I bought them the summer before I met Jeebs and I loved them. The next summer I was 5 months pregnant with Taylor. They have not been worn since. But I keep them as a goal. I will wear them again! I will!! I put them on a couple of days ago and while I can get them zipped and snapped...any breathing... makes them unsnap. Dang childbearing hips.

I also tried a crow pose. Yeah. I know my back is white... You can laugh at me all you want, but you know you're gonna go try it. FYI put a pillow in front of your face.