Sunday, December 13, 2015

Basketball, who knew?

Taylor is now in full swing basketball season- and I'm in full swing taxi mode. Except who ever heard of a taxi driver that can't find their way out of a paper bag? Yep, that would be me. Moron numero uno. Taylor had a game at 4 on Friday at a school I had never been to in a town I have rarely explored. I had to pick the kids up from school at 3 and then we were going to kill time going to the gas station for a snack and waters. Taylor decided to not come out and just bum around in the gym. So I waited for 35 minutes before I sent Cagey (under much duress) back into the school to look for her. She got in the car at 3:39. There was no sign of her coach or anybody else leaving, but I thought I'd be okay to find the school on my own. HA!

I made it to Bluffdale because that's just a freeway exit. I passed the road Jeebs told me to take for the school and decided to look for the road the computer had told me to find. Nope. U-turn. Pulled it up on Siri. Turned on the road Jeebs told me to turn on while Siri yelled to do a U-turn. Gave up and listened to Siri. U-turn. I got back out on the main drag and found the road the school was supposedly on so I turned in spite of Siri telling me to U-turn. I found the school. Get everybody out walk in (at 4:06) to find a boys basketball game in full swing just as I get a text from the coach asking if we're coming to the game. "yes, we're here, wrong school I guess." U-turn back to the car. I call Jeebs to save me, I'm almost in tears and just trying to get back into my dadgum car that won't unlock!!! Nope, wrong car.

Coach then sends me the location of his phone so I can follow my blue dot to his red dot. I hand Taylor the phone and apparently her sense of direction isn't much better than mine so she tells me to turn left when we should've just got right and kept going. Go down to the next light trying to follow the blue dot ON MY PHONE as I get a phone call from the coach ON MY PHONE. Told him we'd be there in 5-10 min and I'm just trying to follow the dot ON MY PHONE hint hint...quit calling so I can follow the dots ON MY PHONE. Weaving through neighborhoods I find what looks like an abandoned warehouse, but is indeed the red dot where I need to be. U-turn. Gun it into the parking lot- almost ram Jeebs in the Tahoe- I know I'm an awesome wife...and mother. I whip it into a parking place and tell Taylor to run. Then I sat in the car waiting for my panic attack to ease up. Adulting is hard.

To cap off the evening- Taylor was supposed to text Jeebs that I was feeding the baby before we left so he had to wait on me because, ya know, directionally challenged. He pulls out ready to go in the middle of the parking lot and after a couple of minutes pulls up next to me to see if something is wrong. Then he saw me feeding the baby and realized... I told him Taylor texted him. Wrong. She texted her coach. Awesome.

Please pray for my children, I don't deserve prayers, but they do.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Things I've learned since Jeebs left me...

1. I am not a fully functioning adult. Having to get my kids to appointments while juggling all my other kids causes me so much stress and anxiety...much like everything else in my life.

2. Instagram is so much easier and this blog may die because my kids and their messes, socks and endless questions are all consuming. Which is fine, just drowning a little bit every day.

3. I am a full on hOT mess. I can't go to the store by myself without some little adventurous heart attack moment. I've lost my keys, locked my 2 youngest in the car- thankfully Mookie DOES know how to unlock the door from the inside- and and and ... at least everybody makes it back alive.

4. The dog does NOT listen to me. I have lost him about 3 times now. He only comes when called by Jeebs (in his scary lunatic yelling voice). The first couple of weeks Jeebs was gone were the hardest...our doors were blowing open right and left and he would slip out unbeknownst to me. I would have to load everybody in the car and drive around the stinkin' neighborhood until the little turd popped his head out somewhere.

Jeebs come back!!!! I don't care that we now have job security, benefits, bonuses and a little more money- my 13 yr old brain needs the adult back. I've got to pull it together!!