Tuesday, July 29, 2014

These chillens!

Taylor won a hundred dollar gift card from Mickey D's. It finally got here and it's kind of embarrassing to have a hundred dollars to spend at mcdonalds. And kind of awesome.
In other news, Jeebs is now a part time teacher at Stephen henagers college. It still makes me laugh, but he's always been a great teacher. In his interview they asked if he had any teaching experience and he said, "Sunday school." Ha! They offered him the job the same day. Just call him seƱor Chang. His knowledge will bite your face off!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Table and chairs Redo with chalk paint

This is where we started...

 Momma and daddy came to visit and momma and I have been dying to try chalk paint. I started by painting my table with the Annie Sloan old white chalk paint. After 2 coats and a lot of touch ups it looked like this.

Then I applied a coat of the Annie Sloan clear wax and some of the dark wax as well. It looked like this...

Way darker than I wanted so after getting a tip from Tara to add more clear wax to get off Some of the dark wax it started looking more like I wanted it to. The last thing I did was take a little paintbrush and go around the edges with dark wax to try to match them to the look of my kitchen island and vent. The final result...

Last thing we did was recover the chairs. I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby and momma and daddy cut them out and daddy stapled them on. We only have 2 done so far, but I think it is looking awesome!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

This is July!

We got two new nephews!! Lincoln and Coleman were sealed to Tessa and Page in the Idaho Falls temple. It was the coolest thing to witness and our Heavenly Father loves us so much. 
We have only gotten in one hike this month. One! And it was too late to go all the way. It was still fun and awesome. 
We went fishin at the Jordan river- I rode my bike down there. Everybody that kept with it caught fish and I caught 4. I even baited my own hook for the first time. (Notice the glove) I still can't overcome the disgusting-ness that is taking a fish off the line, but I tried. (Again, notice the glove) Daddy came to my rescue and took them all off for me. I just can't stand when you grab onto them and they immediately jerk. Grosses. Me. Out. 
And in case you've forgotten, families are forever. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Angry white woman and the pottery

After a quick trip to Texas, 4 root canals, my ac in my house going out (again), another quick trip to Idaho, and no fries with my whopper junior I was one angry white woman yesterday. And for the second time in 2 weeks I have gone in after someone else has clogged the toilet in a public restroom. What are the odds? 2 clogged toilets in 2 weeks?? I should have known it couldn't be good when the girl coming out was pregnant reeking of cigarette smoke and avoiding eye contact with those of us in the line. I wanted to scream when I saw it, but my teeth were floating and I had no other option but to flush and pray. It worked and holy Hannah we were saved, but not from my wrath. I told Jeebs about my good fortune with the 2nd pot in 2 weeks being clogged and he said I should play the lottery. The pot lottery- the pottery. I guess it's just karma because to be fair I have clogged toilets from Texas to Montana. 

By the way it was this kid's birthday. He was super excited. I love you Cagey. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Excited face

Jeebs got in on the tomato canning action. He loved it- he really did.
And Percy got a cute haircut. Bread was hovering over his head. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Only way to survive it!

We are spending this week in Texas. And this is the only way to survive it. (Actually I go outside to warm up now) 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fashion Fo' cheap...

This is what I wore on Sunday and I thought it was awesome. I didn't get any compliments, but I only paid $16 for the skirt so I'm not taking it back. My top is from Target, skirt is from JCrew outlet $16 baby, and the belt is from Dillard's, pretty sure it was on clearance too. My shoes are old as methuselah. I got them at Belk in NC and I'm sure they were on clearance too because I don't pay full price unless I'm in love.

Princess ball for the anti-princess

Taylor had a princess ball daddy daughter activity at church. Even though she was resistant to all the primping and prepping it all came together just how I wanted. (Yes she gets no say in her appearance right now)