Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween!

We have done nothing but go go go all. month. long. I'm sort of glad October is over, but I'm sad that now my oldest daughter is in her double digits and my Jeebs is 34! One more year and he's closer to 40. I'll get to say, "my husband is about 40." Everybody will believe it because of all his gray hair. Taylor was Velma, Cagey was a ninja, Ezra was Lightning McQueen and Mooks was a witch. Jeebs was a mad scientist again and I decided to be Mookie's black cat because every witch needs a cat. This year I had no vision for anything and I can't believe it came together how it did. I put off making costumes until 2 days ago when we  went to Target to just buy costumes. We got there and after seeing a $30 car costume decided making most of them would still be better. So we got clothes for everybody and a witch hat and broom for Mooks. Cagey lucked out and found a ninja vest to wear. But, my sweet Ezra had nothing. I was trying to get his costume made before the Trunk or Treat yesterday, but after a minor catastrophe with Mookie I just didn't make it. He had to be an angry bird again, but I promised him a Lightning McQueen costume for Halloween night. I worked most of the morning on it and I was so excited with how it turned out! I also embellished Mookie's hat and broom and made a cat ears headband and neck scarf for myself. I also managed to fit in a workout and make mummy-dogs for dinner. You can bow down to me now.

Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm as corny as Kansas in August

Mostly because Kelton kept throwing corn at me. The corn maze was not so much a maze as a path through corn. The kids enjoyed the giant slide the most. They had a petting zoo, it smelled of poo and goat's milk - I may never be able to drink capra mineral whey again. Howdy neighbor!! Happy harvest!! What movie??? Really, what movie? I can't remember the name. Judy Garland, Gene Kelly...
All of our little chitlins in front of all the pumpkins.
Those are some big gourds! They dropped them on that little RV. It. Was. Awesome. (and redneck)
Cagey holding a baby piggy!
Yeah, baaaaaaaa.
The MOoks- with the black eye.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

While grandma was here

We went to boondocks with all the grandchildren and Jeebs and I had to get in in the action too. We squeezed our large rumps into one go kart and Jeebs took us for a ride. Scary. I also had to add this cute picture of my kids at Arbys before Cooper's baptisms. Mooks was asleep in the car with grandma.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This sweet little boy...

Didn't want to go to nursery today. He wanted to stay with me and since he says I'm wonderful and I'm beautiful in the sunlight I was more than happy to oblige! He was so sweet and didnt make a peep. I think that rhymes. I almost forgot he was over there sitting in my chair waiting for me to finish my sing time show.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mad science

Page sporting his stache and helping me with goody bags.
The mad scientist and his creation, Hell-ga.
The little dumplings putting the witch teeth in the decroding acid. Not much fizz, they must have been good witches.
Shrunken apple heads floating in cider.
Dr J trying to crush a ghost in the can.
Cute little dumplings! Eva and Mooks.
Kelton with his white hair.
The mad scientist himself, Dr J.
Floating, glowing grossness.
All the freshly picked dumplings waiting to be chosen as the next Igor.
All kinds of glowing eyes.
It got a little foggy in there, but spooky and fun.

Friday, October 12, 2012

It's bacon!!!

I made a bacon cake for my nephew, kelton. He is having a bacon party and Tara asked me if I would make him a bacon cake. I knew how to do it and I could picture it in my head, but until I actually rolled out the fondant I wasn't positive it would work. I carved the cake to make it look wave and then iced it with maple bacon buttercream. I placed the marbled fondant on and then brushed the whole thing with piping gel so it looked like it was gleaming with fat. I was so excited with how it turned out! It's not every day a young man turns 11.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good morning!

It's too early to be cute. Mooks doesn't have hair- she has feathers like me. And those feathers gets very ruffled every night.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mookie loves to shop

She was determined to find a cute dress to wear. I helped her out and picked out a couple of adorable outfits even though Jeebs hates one if them. That seems to be a theme lately. Luckily I get to dress everybody.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First fall hike

Big springs up south fork canyon. These pics don't do the colors justice!