Sunday, July 28, 2013

So this happened yesterday

Buh- blam!!!

Yeah- a size 2 on my boo-TAY, I didn't like these pants, but who cares? they're a size 2!! Extreme dance of joy was done on the inside. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

New under shirts...yes I'm bragging

120 pounds is awesome. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my body would ever do this. I have worked and counted and worked some more and counted some more. But, it is worth it! I bought new under shirts yesterday because all of my olds ones are hanging on me and adding bulk. These are size small. Small!! Yes, I am bragging, but you were warned.

I'm also developing a big beefy Trogdor arm, which looks kind of freakish in this pic, but whatever, did I mention I weigh 120 lbs??

Friday, July 26, 2013

Camping... Yeah

I love being in the mountains and being outdoors away from all things electronic. My family is wayyyy too electronically stimulated so it was nice not to have a computer or a tablet or a phone in sight. But, I do not like sleeping at night outside with only a dome of nylon between me and all that roams in the night.

Mookie slept like a hot dog roaster- turning and turning all night until the morning when she finally got still.
We forgot our new cast iron skillet and griddle that we made a special trip to Scheels the night before to get. So we ended up in Kamas at Food Town buying this cheap set of cast iron so we could enjoy the smell of sizzling "bacoM".
The best thing we made was corn wrapped in foil cooked in the campfire. Oh yum, it was good. Cagey found one he said was a girl because of all the silk. We also made foil dinners in the fire, most of which we burned the be-shizzle out of. The potatoes just tasted like burning, yuck.
We hiked to Fehr lake which is one of the lakes I've caught a fish in, Glen. The kids griped and moaned about taking this little short hike, but they could have stayed all day throwing rocks in the water.
Ezra eating his s'more sitting on his "log seat".
The last night we were there I got a little bored (we forgot games) and started seeing what all the food we had would do if we roasted it in the fire. We threw in marshmallows and watched them expand into massive mounds of black goo. We fried some eggs on the metal ring. We roasted fruit snacks and lastly, cheese puffs. Really, I was just trying to get rid of some of the junk food. 

We definitely learned a few things on this camping trip.

1. Camping is more fun when your parents are there to do everything for you. Except I really enjoyed manning the cooking all by myself. 

2. Don't forget games because charades only lasts so long and then everybody gets sick of you acting like an idiot. 

3. Cagey can't hold his junk food and always bring a bowl in the tent when you're sleeping with the Nicolaysen puker Mcpukees. 

4. A sloped campsite means sloped eating and sleeping- which adds a new challenge to just about everything. 

5. Do not put your foil dinners close to the fire. Move the logs over and cook next to the heat source so your food doesn't taste like burning. 

6. We need an RV.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy birthday and big balls

Cagey wanted a wipeout cake and that's sort of what he got. I made big balls out of rice Krispy treats and since he didn't want fondant I spray painted them with food coloring spray. They look like meatballs, but whatever. I've lost my oomph for cake decorating. It's so expensive and most of it doesn't get eaten. Such a waste. I thought cageys sucker punch was pretty creative though. He made it out of a chocolate graham cracker cookie and red m&ms.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

8 yrs ago...

I had the easiest labor ever and my Cagey burst into the world at the foot of my bed. He is an easy going little dude and we appreciate his sweetness to his siblings so much. Happy birthday Cagey and I'm so proud of your decision to he baptized in a couple of weeks! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer is awesome

I don't know why it has to end. I guess eventually you look forward to wearing scarves and cute fall fashions. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ice cream, fireworks and miracles

We managed to squeeze in a trip to Posado's before we left East Texas. They have free ice cream and Mooks was raising it like the Olympic torch. She is surrrrious about her "i cream".

She was also ecstatic about her roman candle. She would raise up on her toes to try and get it to shoot out more colorful balls. I had a hilarious video of it, but this little twerp erased it as she played with my phone going to sleep that night.

Ezra was in firework heaven as well. Taylor and Cagey had fun too, but I don't think this little bit of fire was as impressive as getting to light the match for the burning pile.

Also, all four of our chillrenns fell asleep at the same dang time!! Miracles never cease!! If only we could have pulled of the road and slept ourselves.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Houses in Forney

We took a very quick trip about an hour and a half west to Forney to look at houses. There was time to only see 3 house and check out some models of a local builder. I just have to say- why do builders in Utah seem to put no thought into details of a house. They are all so blah. The houses in Forney had granite everything, tile everything and upgraded everything... All at affordable prices.