Thursday, March 24, 2016

10 months of Loo Loo Love

This babe is 2 months away from a does it happen? 

Tessa and I made it to the temple this month! It's so nice to be back. 
And Cagey...well he is a piano playing maniac.
He just got new books and immediately sat down to play! I am amazed! He practices every. Single. Day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We made it to Wednesday!

March is definitely the wednesday of the year. No holidays from school...kind of starts spring, but actually hangs on to winter. It's the in between. It's the "we're almost to spring break, but at least we're through January and February." So even though March seems to drag on like hump day- I'll take it. I've started trying to make creative workout clothes. Just a little Mormon humor and motivation. My first go...made it between laundry and nursing so don't judge too harshly. (Jeebs)
I also can't get enough of this little chubby cheeks! 

So...away on the month long Wednesday we go!