Saturday, September 27, 2014

Elsa makeup

We have to practice before the real event! 
The Halloween decorating has begun! Now, bring on the pumpkin steamers!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

On the menu this week

Greek grilled chicken with homemade flat bread. OH. MY. GOSH. Nailed it. I made a greek-ish marinade with sour cream (because I didn't have plain yogurt), dill, oregano, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, honey, and salt and pepper. I let it marinate for about an hour and then grilled it while I made up some flat bread. I just googled homemade greek pita bread and found a pretty basic recipe. Water, sugar, salt, milk, yeast, oil and flour. Let it rise while I put together my topping of feta, bacon bits and red peppers for the chicken. I had Jeebs put that on the chicken after he flipped it the first time. I rolled out the bread and grilled it on my electric griddle. Heavenly, heavenly, heavenly. The bread was the best thing I had put through my teeth in a long time. It was beyond difficult to just eat a few bites. Anyway, behold the deliciousness...
Mookie was a little scared of the carwash this week too.

Ezra and I had matching colored shirts this day so I had to take an usie. He then told me he wanted a delicious noodle salad for dinner. I made him a spinach pesto noodle salad with rotisserie chicken. Nailed that too, but I didn't get a picture.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

And I did it!!!!!!

I can die a happy woman. I finally caught a big freaking catfish, with a worm, the whole thing. It was big, it fought hard, but then I won. Mosquitoes feasted on my blood as I tried to get the hook out. I could barely see because it was almost dark. But, but!!!! I did it and I sang all the way home. Sing your way home at the end of the day... Sorry got caught up. Caught up?? Get it?? Okay enough, here are the pictures!!! And that thing in front of my crotch is my bobber. And yes I made Taylor touch it and hold it because I still can't do it. I don't know how she does it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

So this week...

Taylor caught an even bigger monster fish. Around 6 pounds of carp she fought onto the bank. 
Jeebs got a desk that I approved of and moved back downstairs to work...

I wore this to fish in and only caught a baby white bass...

I found this purse I want for Christmas Santy clause :)
I made white chocolate maple chunk maple glazed pumpkin bread...delicious. 
And my watch I lost while in Texas this summer was found while digging in my purse for toys during stake conference. Hooray and time to clean my purse. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Look out cupcake wars!!

Cagey is on his way to being a winner on cupcake wars some day. Or making some wife very happy with his baking skills one day. 
He made funfetti blondies with frosting. Oh my holy yummy blondie. And as always, happiness is BYU!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The monster

Taylor has finally done it...she caught the monster. Persistence pays off. She also snagged a nice size channel cat. Jeebs was finally convinced to go with us and on his second cast snagged a nice size bullhead catfish. It was so much fun I didn't even mind not catching anything myself.

I don't know if we'll ever be able to give up our spot so close to the river! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Family Pics

I thought I would have all these awesome photos of our family because Jeebs' love for photography, but truth is, they are few and far between. He does have 3 jobs now, so I'll give him some slack.

So now, after Tara arranges things for us we got a couple of cute family pics. Hooray!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

PE yesterday

Wednesday is PE day on the trail. It's really the only way to do PE and we will take advantage of it until it gets too cold. I love it and the kids love it after I finally get them going and they stop grumbling. 
And just because Ezra is a cool dude...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Attack of the mink!

Labor Day was fishing with these two
They caught big monsters and I did not. It may have been because I was too busy running from the hissing mink. After Glen smugly caught 2 white bass to cut up for bait he put them next to his tackle box and let page and me have the monster fish spot. 

We sat there watching our bobbers and listening to the rustling of the high grass next to us. It was a mink. He finally got brave enough to come out and look at us before he scampered back into the grass. After a couple of times of this song and dance I told Page to throw him a chunk of fish so he would have something to nibble on. We knew that's what he wanted. Apparently, that wasn't enough for the little sucker because before we knew it he was slowly sneaking his way to the cut fish by Glen's stuff. Page took out his knife and was about to go full Hunger Games on his tail before he realized he's never been in the Hunger Games. I stomped at him turn go to politely usher him back from whence he came when he commenced hissing at us. Hissing at us! After we had given the little jerk a piece of fish! That was the turning for Page. If you're gonna hiss you gots to go. So, after unsuccessfully deterring him from his first snatch and run he weaseled his way back over, but we were ready and even more determined. As the little punk eased closer to the whole fish we went crazy; yelling, screaming, and stomping...and laughing hysterically. Page whacked at him with his tackle box and I stomped yelling, "skidlippplbuuubbbskldiiiblu!!!!!!". Everything happened so quickly, but eventually Glen came over to see what the heck we were screaming and yelling about. He quickly assessed the situation, grabbed a rock and knocked the ever loving snot out of the thing, landing it in the water. 

After a couple of seconds he resurfaced swimming in a circle. I thought Glen broke his leg, but he managed to recover, jump out of the water and run back to his first stolen treasure. We didn't see him again that day. Page wonders why he always gets in those kinds of situations when he's with me and I honestly don't know. I think nature just has it in for me. See post about the coyote.