Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

It is now "Earth Hour"- to celebrate- we're turning every single light on in the house. The a/c is going and the dryer is on. I hope you will all celebrate with us by using as much electricity as you can. It starts at 8:30 and goes until 9:30. Go ahead- turn on your lights.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Non-Functioning Day

Yesterday was a total non-functioning day. I was so exhausted I could barely make myself do anything, but sit and try to stay awake. I managed to make breakfast, lunch and dinner and I think I did a little laundry. I also broom-vacced my hard floors. I just got a new broom- vac from Target- they were on clearance and I really like it. Anyway, I was so miserable all day - Jeebs made me take a half of a unisom and turn in early. I went to bed around 9:30- it took me a while to fall asleep and I still kept waking up every hour or so to go to the bathroom or just reposition myself. Around 1:30 Jeebs got in bed, but he soon jumped back out of bed to give Cagey something for his cough. I did have to get up then and help look for the vicks. I swear we have 700 things of vicks, but when you need one they are no where to be found. I did get a good block of sleep between 1:30 and 5 so I feel a lot more rested today. hooray.

Does anybody else feel like their house stinks all the time?? I hate the way my house smells sometimes- especially when it gets really humid outside- like today. I apologize if anybody has come over and been offended by they stank that is in my house. I really worry about it because I HATE stink! If ever I smell some kind of body odor on my kids they are immediately dumped in the bathtub. I hate stinky houses, stinky bums, and basically anything that stinks. Speaking of stink- how does this happen? I step outside and see a smear of dog poo on my front porch- argh. I then step carefully around the smear to get to the grass with the dang dog where he marks his territory and then sniffs around wasting time. I step back on the sidewalk and then onto the mat in front of the door where I see a huge smear of dog doo from my flip flop- I keep wiping and it is a full-on dog TURD smearing across my doormat. YUCK. I look back and there are no other new smears on the sidewalk from said TURD - so I ask you- how does dog doo just appear out of nowhere? There is however a large gold mine of dog poop in the yard- I usually am the one that recruits the kids to help me pick up the dog poop in the yard when it reaches critical bio-hazard, but as I have been out of commission for a while it has yet to get done. gross. HMmm stinky house- yard full of dog doo- okay- I'm done rambling.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my brother is so funny!!!!! and my maternity jeans are saying mercy!!!!

I had to throw in all the exclamation points for my big bro!!! He's right- I'm not really that (!!!) excited. I think it's even funnier when Jeebs uses exclamation points talking on aim. He is definitely not that (!!!!!!) excited. hehehe.

7 days- until Page comes. I am !!! excited about that!!!! This is fun!!!! Are you enjoying this Glen?!!?! I haven't seen either one of my brothers for a while and I'm glad I get to have some family come visit. My feet are screaming for reflexology and my body is screaming for structural. oh wait I mean !!!!!!! I have heartburn a lot lately- they say that's the baby growing hair- ha! I had horrible heartburn with Tate and she had a very little bit of hair when she was born. I told Jeebs it would be a kick if this baby came out with a head full of hair and shock all of us!!!! Do I sound really excited!!!! I'm getting excited to meet this baby- pushing he/she from my loins- kinda scares me- positive thoughts right ;) I did get my moses basket and stand today from RH baby and I love it!! I even put the stand together all by myself!! It rocks!! I mean the stand actually rocks- and it's pretty cool too hehehe. I hope this post is really annoying to my brother :) even though I know he really does care and doesn't want me to sound like a dip when I'm writing.

Argh- I made lasagna for dinner and I splattered tomato sauce all over my shirt on my large belly that I couldn't see until I got done. I had to break out the Tide to go pen.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend update with Vanerrrsa Nicolaysen

Well we had an awesomely tiring, relaxing and not long enough weekend. After my midwife appointment we headed on down to Myrtle Beach, SC. We haven't ever been and really wanted to make it at least once before we move from here- some day. Soooo- we left my appointment - which went well except for my bp that shot up because of my ever increasing anxiety about the delivery of this baby. It was 150 over 110 or something like that, but my midwife knows I just have issues about getting my blood pressure taken and it's always normal at home. Anyway- everything else is good. My 36 week home visit will be next Friday - WOOHOO!! My little brother will be here and I'm sure he'll be really excited to be here for my baby appointment :) hahaha. We got to Myrtle Beach at about 4 and checked into our hotel. Seriously, we could've saved so much money if we had just let the kids swim the whole time- that's all they kept asking about "when are we going back to the hotel? when are we going to swim?" ARGH!! We got checked in and then headed down the road to the Tanger Outlet Mall there. I was so excited because they had a Gymboree outlet and a J Crew outlet- neither of which I have ever been to. I have to say I was a little disappointed because it was just all last year's stuff without the outlet price. I expected it to be last year's stuff, but come on, for like at least 50-60% off. Oh well- I got a few things - some shoes at the stride rite outlet for the kids- some clothes for Cagey and Jeebs and a skirt and cheap wallet for myself. After we left the outlet mall- I walked the whole thing and was so proud of myself- my feet were screaming- we headed for PF Changs. For some reason I've been craving it and it hit the spot!! Well probably several spots :) Cagey and Tates were complaining the whole way there, but then they loved the food.

Saturday was packed with everything we wanted to do. We started off by heading to the Ripley's aquarium- it was really cool - they even have those tunnel things where you walk through and you're completely covered by the aquarium. I was doing okay until it got darker and darker and the sharks were swimming over my head. That was a scene right out of my nightmares. Tates was a little freaked out too, the music was a little eerie and the voice over guy talking about the exhibits made them sound like something out of a suspense movie.

Here's Tates and Cagey in the bubble- and Cagey the little joey.
And me, getting a little freaked out- I had to keep my head down and just walk on through.
This is my favorite picture at the aquarium- Tates looks a little freaked out- Jeebs is forcing his little fake smile and Cagey is just pulling a Cagey face :)

After the aquarium we went to ride go-carts at the Nascar Raceway place. It looked like so much fun!! Poor Cagey was so excited about it, but turned out he was about an inch too short to ride in any of the go-carts. He rode some of the kiddie rides and seemed to enjoy himself.

This is Jeebs and yes, Tates, racing in the Family 500. It looked so fun!! I told Cagey next time we go it's going to be me and him!!

We ended our day with a trip to Medieval Times. I went as a senior in High School and thought Tates would enjoy the horse show. They seemed to have a good time even though they didn't eat their food and Cagey said nothing the whole time! He is such a little chatter box at home and when it's just us- but you get him out in public and he says nothing- unless of course he is pitching a fit about something he wants ARGH!
This is the Charlie Bucket Cagey face. I think he was a little scared of all the HUGE pilsner glasses full of beer people were drinking- he is obsessed with pointing out drinks we don't drink. If ever I say something about a copy- he asks if I said coffee. funny kid.

Here's the gang- Jeebs' crown was as big as it would go and he had a hard time keeping it on his head :)
I had to throw this one in because I think it's hilarious. This is the face Cage had the whole time we were watching the show. I thought he was just tired and getting sick, but as soon as we got back in the car and headed back toward the hotel he came alive! We took them for a quick dip in the hotel pool and then we all died in bed! It was such a fun- exhausting day. We did not want to come back home. The drive was not bad at all- I only wish it hadn't been Sunday when we were driving back because I could have used a little more shopping therapy in Wilmington :) Now we have the baby to look forward to!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

THank you baby #3

--NO it is not an over-stuffed sausage- It's my 34 week prego belly. nice eh? ha!

I looked down at my nails yesterday in the shower and thought, "dag, those look really good!" My nails generally grow ok, but I just let them do what they do. But, when I'm pregnant they grow and don't break at random times and lengths. SOoooo- I decided to file them nicely and paint them. They look really good. So- to baby #3- thank you for the nice nails :) The stretching that makes me feel like you're going to burst out of my uterus- not so appreciated.

I hope to get my hair done soon too- there is just always a new expense that needs to come first. I really want to get some bangs- and lots and lots of blonde highlights- I can't stand my hair getting dark. Every time I have a baby my hair looks brown and awful- this time I'd really like to look sort of like myself.

This is how I view the next 5/6 weeks:- Tomorrow is my 35 week midwife appt. Wednesday of next week is my chiro appt and I'll have a 36 week home midwife visit scheduled- woohoo! The next Tuesday- little bro flies in- massages all week :) The next Tuesday- 37th week- little bro flies back home. 38th week is Easter and little bro-inlaws birthday who is hoping for this one to be born that day :) me too :) 39th week- maybe ma will come ?!? laugh at my big nose and then work herself to death at my house. 40th week- BABY! hehhhehehe- boy or girl? 6 lbs or 8? or 9 oh my. That's the next 5 weeks- I can make it. My birthday is the first week of May- I really hope I'll have this baby before I'm 30!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh Happy DAY!

Today I am officially 34 weeks!! I'm probably a littler further along, but I am going strictly by the ultrasound I had around 9 weeks when I was in the ER bleeding all over the place- yikes! Anyway- today is the day I get to start my 6 week formula!! I know I've blogged about it before, but I am truly a believer of these herbs. My mom is a believer too- she only took them with one out of 4 of her pregnancies (which was me) and it was her easiest fastest delivery- 4 hours from start to finish. I got to take them all 6 weeks with Cagey and my labor was so stinking ridiculously easy and lasted from start to finish 4 hours and 45 min. The only hard part was pushing- yowza. I remember thinking I was definitely going to go over because my due date was July 18th and on the 17th I still hadn't gone into labor- and who has their baby on their due date? :) I was so excited and anxious when I got up at 4 in the morning to go to the bathroom and felt a gush of fluid. I told Jeebs, "Get up, my water broke!" I went to the bathroom and knew that things were definitely getting started. I took a shower so I'd be so fresh and so clean clean and then woke up my mom. She came in our room and fell asleep at the foot of our bed while we were timing contractions. They weren't hard, but they were regular, close together and had a sharpness to them that all the other's didn't have. They weren't terribly painful so after about 30 min I woke my mom up and sent her back to the couch telling her we were going to go back to bed to try and get some more sleep before the long haul. I sat in bed timing contractions because I was too excited to sleep- Jeebs, I think, dozed for a while. At around 5;30 I was still awake and knew these contractions were doing something- even though they weren't painful, but I couldn't sleep. I called my midwife and told her I thought I was ready for her to come. She showed up around 6 that morning. She set everything up- stripped the bed- covered it in a shower curtain liner and hospital pads- set up the birthing stool- got all her towels and supplies in place- and then checked me. To everybody's surprise I was already an 8!! I was still up around laughing and walking- she said "if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were hypnobirthing", nope it was just not that difficult. At around 7:45 or 8 she asked if I wanted to try pushing. I didn't have an overwhelming need to push, but I thought- I'll give it a whirl. After a few contractions that I tried to push with- but really didn't feel the need- somehow transitioned from that to involuntarily having to push. About 45 min to an hour of pushing and my 8 lb 7 oz first little boy was handed to me. I remember thinking - wow this is a heavy baby and thank you so much for coming out!! I think one of the first things I said was he looked like my older brother Glen and was born on his birthday too :) It's hard to explain how wonderful it was- needless to say I can not wait to have this baby put into my arms and see what they look like- kiss their little head and watch how they're going to grow and develop. They really are worth all the stretch marks, double chins and clothes that will probably never fit the same way again :) OH and even the 8 months I've had to wear flats. blagh.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am so done!!

I know I'm only 33/34 weeks along, but I really am ready to be done! Yesterday I had such bad sinus pressure in my face I thought it would explode. I didn't know if it was allergies or a cold coming on. Well I had a miserable night- which let's face it- they've been pretty miserable for a couple of weeks now. Several nights now I spend 2 hours sleeping sitting up. I can't breath. My nose is stopped up- I feel like I've got a full blown head cold. The baby has been doing this painful tap dance on my bladder- or something that is really low and painful. Every time I have a full bladder or anything in my intestines I have contractions. I don't know what is going on today, but the baby has been awake almost all day. I think he/she was asleep for most of last night because I was flopping around- up and down to the bathroom all night. I really don't want to complain and I want to enjoy this, but DAG YO! My friend that just had her baby- it seems- already has a 1 week old. How time flies after they get here! I just can't wait to meet this one and have my body back to myself! I thought we might want to take a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach before the baby is born or something- but after a day like today- I don't know if I would even be able to enjoy it!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Center Stage II

I was so excited today to see Center Stage II on dish on demand. I took a shower, got in just the right position (reclined in my recliner) and started my movie. SO bad!! I loved the first one. I used to watch it while I was in college just to get inspired and I would sit and stretch during the whole thing- I would get a renewed sense of motivation for all of my dance classes. Okay that was the first one- this one was like nails down a chalkboard. YUCK! Supposedly the main characters are supposed to be "raw" dancers- self taught, haven't danced for very long- yada yada. Anyway- the main girl kept collapsing her back in her jumps- her tour jetes were awful, when she put her leg behind her in attitude her knee was too down and her feet were sickled. She had horrible feet- not that I can talk, but I'm not dancing on a movie!! Her bourrees were terrible- she looked like a horse trying to stomp on its toes- anyway- blagh!! The story was terrible and nobody could act- needless to say I was very disappointed. I do miss dancing so much!! I wish I could teach or something- just to have dancing back in my life at some degree- maybe some day! Taylor was so excited to see another ballet movie- there was hardly any ballet in it- it was mostly street dancing- blagh- Tates looked at me at one point and said "This is NOT ballet." I don't know why she doesn't want to take classes :)

Okay for a good laugh- here is Cagey before bed tonight- he is wearing the free shirt he got at the doctor's office after pooping his pants and he just got done with a chocolate chip cookie.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Train Show

Today we took a little trip down to the high school for a train show. Apparently they do it every year- the setups were amazing. Cagey was fascinated and Taylor was just excited that Bart was there too :) It was pretty dang cool, but my feet were screaming for help by the end. I had to go play the piano for a baptism after that so I was pretty much limping into the church. I knew we needed a few groceries before Sunday so I decided I would save Jeebs a trip (he had been up until 3:30 the night before working on a crisis at work) and stop by Walmart on my way home. I limped through the store and got my groceries - I needed one item over on the other side in the makeup and so I leaned heavily on my basket and prayed my feet and back wouldn't give out- YIKEs. oi the pain. Anyway- got everything I needed- I think- got checked out which was fairly painless and headed off to the car. I loaded up the groceries- limped to put my cart back into the cart holder things and drove home. (When I say limp- I mean mentally- I really try to walk as normal as I can so I don't get too much of the pregnant waddle :) So- I get home- Jeebs comes out to bring in the groceries- opens the door and crash- all 18 eggs tumble out of the car and onto the concrete driveway. I managed to salvage 9 eggs- so it could've been all 18- things can always be worse. OKay now for your viewing enjoyment- some pics of my children. I was determined for them to look nice today. I even crimped Taylor's hair with our new crimping iron :) Anybody remember crimping their hair?? My mom would crimp mine on Sundays and it would take FO' EVAH!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Weather is Great- Mucus still flowing

So- Tates is still coughing and a little under the weather. Cagey, though he seems perfectly fine, has a snotty nose. The weather is perfect outside and yet the germs still drag on. My pelvis is just about to give up on me. Just a few more weeks and I'll have an excuse to sit- sorry can't do that gotta nurse the baby :) I am really on the edge of sanity right now- Jeebs has been trying to sedate me with french fries. poor man. I wish I had some cute pics to put up of my kids, but lately we've been chillin' at the house looking like raggamuffins. I think Cagey and Tates have had several days that they don't even get out of their pajamas.

HOoray for March 31st- my little bro- well younger brother will be here to visit and work on me. If anybody has had major trauma to their body and really wants help with pain or other related problems let me know and I'll book you an appointment with him the week of March 31st- April 6th. As long as I'm first priority I don't care :) He does a lot of the sports medicine, injury, and physical therapy type massage- certain things he does will make you SCREAM and want to hit him square in the face, but you will feel like a new person. If you don't have real pain or real nerve problems you probably wouldn't want to endure it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A boy, his dog, and a DS

You can't really see the nintendo in his hand- he put it down before I snapped the picture, but this is typical Cage. He sits and plays DS in his pajamas for as long as I'll let him do it. At least he's feeling better- finally. For weeks he's been down and out. Taylor is still hacking, but seems to be feeling better and bee-bopping around the house. I just hope everybody will continue to get better. The weather is supposed to warm up and seems to be stabilizing a bit (cross your fingers). I'm ready for spring- then I will feel more like it's closer to my due date. Only 55 days! okay 54 because today is pretty much over right? Yeah, 4;30 pretty much over. I just want to give into the pain today and sit. I really hate sitting. I want to plant some flowers- it's March 4 and I haven't planted a single flower. Maybe soon :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Back by popular demand....

Okay- not popular demand- this is for Aunt Elaine :) I thought I would post the brownie recipe and try and make up a chocolate buttercream recipe. I don't usually use a recipe for frosting I throw it in until it looks good :) but I can give you abouts :)

I don't know where my grandma got this recipe for brownies, but they're tasty and only call for ingredients that everybody has on hand generally. My mom says she probably got it from the cocoa tin she was using. She used to make them every Sunday and frost them - and then eat them with hot chocolate!! Can we say Diabetic Coma?? she never had diabetic, cholesterol, or bp problems though. I think there's a lesson there :)


2 C sugar
2/3 C cocoa
2 sticks melted butter
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 C flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Mix sugar cocoa and melted butter until combined. Add 4 eggs and vanilla. Add flour, baking powder and salt. Mix until combined- you can add nuts if you like. I love nuts in my brownies, but my family doesn't :( so I always leave them out. Bake at 350 for about 18-20 min. I made these in a greased smaller cookie sheet and they were perfect. The key is not to over bake them or they'll get dry- which I've done.

Chocolate Buttercream a la Vanessa Nicolaysen

1 stick room temp. butter
1/2 C cocoa powder
2 1/2- 3 C powdered sugar
2 tsp vanilla
1/4 milk ( or just enough to get the right consistency)

Beat the butter in your mixer until smooth. Mix cocoa and powdered sugar in a bowl (or you can sift them together if you want to take the time). Add cocoa and sugar to the butter- slowly combine. Add vanilla and then slowly add milk and mix until you get your desired consistency.

I need to rename these Granny's Woohoo Brownies- cuz you will be saying WOOHOO when you eat them- that is if you do it right :) Okay- any questions comments or otherwise - you can leave in the comments section :) and I"m out. Glen- you know you want some brownies!!! Have you ever made grandma's brownies??

Sunday, March 1, 2009

OH my HOly HAnnah!

We had the missionaries and the young men over last night for dinner. I was trying to think of a quick dessert to put together because my feet feel like bloody stumps the more I stand on them. Soooo, I thought I'd make my grandma's brownies because they are really fast and easy. I made a full batch- I generally half it because we don't need that many brownies, but I knew I'd be feeding lots of boys. Anyway, I made them on a cookie sheet and then I thought I'd make the exactly how my grandma use to make them- with chocolate buttercream frosting. OH yes!! If you want something that will make you slap yo' mamma and then knock her out- make you some chocolate buttercream and frost yo' brownies. OH my GISH! They were so good- I knew if I ate them I would be belching FIRE all night, but it was so worth it. I didn't even have too much fire. I did wake up at 3 in the morning and had to sleep sitting up- but I did sleep for 3 straight hours sititng up in bed- woohoo!. Okay- those will definitely be made again when I want to ruin myself :) You need to make your own frosting too- don't be cheating with some nasty bought frosting and then comment on here that your brownies aren't great :) Homemade brownies with homemade buttercream- it's a good thing. (my little ode to Martha)

On a more depressing (but somehow related) note- my stretchmarks are creeping higher, ever higher up my belly. sigh. stinkin' genetics :) stinkin' brownies :) I definitely have the beached whale feeling going- 8 more weeks- and my friend, Shelly, is in the process of having her baby- dag- I'm jealous :)