Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Cristmas Eve

We all got BYU sweatshirts from Grandma and Grandpa Wagley for Christmas. This is as good as it gets as far as a family picture goes :) The kids sleep in our bedroom- so they can't peek before we're up- they love it, but I think we need a bigger bedroom.

Christmas was great, but crazy. We got a call on Christmas Eve that someone wanted to see our house on Sunday- so I immediately wanted everything to be perfect. I started cleaning our closet on Christmas day and then we worked like maniacs all day the day after Christmas- which is our anniversary. 8 years woohoo. It was awful- we worked until we were dead and I had Ezra screaming after me all day. He's screaming in his crib right now. I have no idea what to do with that baby. He is thinking it's the cool thing to sleep for only 2 hours at a time all night long and he thinks it's AWESOME to wakeup and scream after I get him asleep and put him in his crib. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's driving me crazy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting sick- trying to zicam it away and it's working, but I still don't feel great. I need some consecutive hours of sleep.

This was supposed to be my Christmas post, so here's a few more pics of Christmas- Happy Flippin' Christmas!!!!!

This was Ezra's first Christmas- he enjoyed his fake hotdog.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a day...

I had to dance a jig today in sacrament meeting. I was asked to turn pages for the pianist and it was very interesting to say the least. Then we were supposed to show our house- the first showing in...well...ever. The first one that gave us 2 days notice and didn't call and cancel 30 min before. We thought we were good. We leave- come back- find out the lockbox wouldn't open. They couldn't get inside!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to clean again tomorrow!!!!! Do they realize what it's like having to clean up after 3 kids? and a baby who just wants to be held on your hip all the time? Ezra was crawling after me crying all day as I cleaned. The guy wants to see the house though. I doubt we'll get an offer- but you never can tell. Everybody say a little prayer :) I can not stay up anymore. Too much adrenaline for one day. OH- I didn't even go into sing time. It was alright- but a little stressful. I think I know the words to songs and then I get up in front of people and I forget them :) And it was so hot in the primary room- I had sweat running down my back- sexy. I know. must.... go.... to......... bed.................................

Monday, December 21, 2009

He's pulling up...

He did this all by himself on Sunday night. What a booger. He pulled up on his basket a few weeks ago when we were in Banner Elk, NC, but this is the first time he's done it on the couch. Now he's gonna be trouble!

These are a couple of pics that Jeebs snapped righ before church yesterday. It was about 7:45 in the morning. I had to be at church at 8 to practice for a musical number and then had to stay after church to play for a baptism. 5 hours of church- nap after...couldn't go to sleep until almost 12:30...Ezra woke up at 12:50...and again around 3...again around 6...and up for good a 7:20- this is pretty much my nights. I can usually handle it if I get my workouts in, but I hadn't worked out since Wednesday. Got my workout in today though woohoo.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Yay for Christmas break!!!!

I can now be nice to my daughter again :) We are BOTH so excited to have some time off of school. She just got back from her art class downtown and I am so excited to see what she made next week. I think she'll be starting a drawing class next year. This little art store and art class has to be my favorite thing about New Bern. Mr. Chris is the owner and teacher of her class. He is the most patient person- he helps the younger ones so they don't get frustrated, but still let's them do their own thing. Taylor really likes him.

My baby bug is snotty again! What is the dealio? I still haven't finished Christmas shopping and Ezra still needs a stocking! OH well- I still have a week right? There was a point to this post, but I forgot it :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Freakin' Out a little

While I know to most of you this isn't a shock, I am freaking out a little. I woke up this morning and I have a new mole that I think formed overnight! It's weird and I've never seen a mole form overnight! What the heck? I don't want to go to the doctor, but this may force me to it. I am the worst kind of hypochondriac- I think I'm dying all the time and yet I will NOT go to the doctor. Just ask Jeebs, I'm making his hair turn gray.

You ever have those moments when you think you look pretty nice and then you get a view of a certain angle of yourself and realize you ain't lookin' as hot as you thought? Well, I got a new skirt at the Banana Republic outlet (paid 10$ for it, what up?? so happy) and I thought it looked pretty nice. Then I went to the bathroom at Church today and they have the mirrors set just right in there so you can see your backside :) I always have to give it a check. BLAGh- blaggedy blagh and don't even get me started on the back of my hair. I've been working out for several months and dieting pretty hardcore- as hardcore as I can while still nursing which is supposed to help you lose weight right? right? -since the last week of October. I've lost 10-11 pounds which I am excited about. But, then I think about the peeps on Biggest Loser- they lose like 80 lbs in 5 weeks. I realize this is all they do- they have trainers and they have much more weight to lose, but dag YO!! Anyway- I'll do it eventually, it'll just take time- unless this mole kills me first.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My computer died

So I'm using Tater's mini computer. I don't like this tiny screen and I can't check my dang email. arrrrgh. But- today it was so dang cold- I loved it! I didn't get to get out in it though which was kind of stinky. OH well- maybe tomorrow.

We went to see Santa last night at the mall just so the kids could have the experience- and even though Cagey thinks that since he's told Grandma what he wants- he's covered. Santa asked Taylor if she was a good girl this year and if she was doing good in school- both to which she replied with a confident "yes." But, then he asked her if she was keeping her room clean and LOL she studdered "well.... well....we...." I wanted to hear what she was going to say, poor child I had just gotten onto her last night for her messy room, but Santa quickly just told her to work on it. HA! It was funny.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm missing Glenn Beck for this

Here are a few more pics of our trip- it was so nice and relaxing and Jeebs didn't stare at his computer every second of the day. He did, however, stare at his dang blackberry every second of the day - heheehe.WE caught the most expensive meal we didn't eat. These were the biggest trout I'd ever seen. They were so excited to catch them though. I just hope when we go fishing for real they won't be disappointed when we don't catch 2 pound trout on the 2nd cast :)

Playing tennis- this was at the place we stayed- the kids tried so hard. It was so cold and they were so frustrated- Tennis is hard!
Taylor and Buggy's favorite part- the huge tub! Tates filled it all the way 3 nights in a row and she could turn flips in there!

This was another favorite- gemstone mining. See those papers? They have garnets, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and different kinds of quartz on them. Cool eh?

When we were leaving I asked Cagey what his favorite part of our vacation was and he said "when Taylor got wal-luigi." That is a character on mario kart that you have to win a certain number of races to get. They played that thing nonstop. We should have just sat around and let them play :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow and stuff

This is the inside of our room- it was really like being at Lookout Pointe again- except there were 2 bedrooms and 3 flatscreen TV's! :)
Tates playing in the first snowfall before it all melted. I love this picture- she looks like a little model- if her hair were brushed arrrggh.
This is in front of the fishing pond and our place was in that building on top of the hill- top right side.Here we are at Grandfather Mountain. I was having a serious panic attack when we pulled up and saw that bridge. I pulled myself together and I made it. If I have never mentioned it before- I have a terrible fear of heights- and falling. Jeebs took Cagey out with him beyond the safe area at the end of the bridge- I was about to have a heart attack...then he let Cagey's hand go and it looked like Cagey was standing out on a ledge with no one holding on to him- it makes my throat hurt just thinking about it. Lips going numb- hands curling innnnnnnnnnnn........... okay I'm back. Can't think about it.Had to throw this pic in of the Bug- he looks so much like me or my sister- or something. I just love it.
Cagey and Tates at the Deer Habitat at Grandfather Mountain- thought this sign was funny- there was another funny one- but I won't waste time putting a pic up here- it was "Good News for Bears" apparently they're making more bears- letting them out in the wild and apparently this is good for the bears- good for the bears- not so good for the humans- I'm just sayin'.

Too much booty in the pants

My favorite part of our trip- shopping at the outlet mall in Blowing Rock. They even had a j crew outlet which had some fabulous things. They still weren't quite in my price range and also- see blog title :) I did get some jeans to be my 'goal jeans'. If you don't know what goal jeans are- I hate you.