Thursday, September 30, 2010

Menu for this Weekend

Every General Conference weekend is my time to make a spread. It's tradition. The menu usually consists of anything from brisket, or po' boys to frog eye salad or chips and dip. This year I'm going the easy route. We are having po's boys with lots of fresh veggies, pickles, and the most delicious pastrami I stood in line forever for at the walmart deli counter. I also somehow ended up with a pound and a half of smoked turkey. I asked for a pound, but I guess the machine got away from her and she says "a little over is that ok?"- "sure fine, just get me out of here". She handed me my meat wad and it was 10$ worth of turkey- it's a lot of turkey. Next on the menu is chips and veggies with dill dip. I also got some apples and may try my hand at caramel apples. If those don't work out a batch of ultimate chocolate chips will do. On Sunday I think it's supposed to be a bit cooler so we are going with the cool weather staple- FRITO PIE. I love frito pie and every year I can't wait for it to get cool enough to have it. I may try to throw together some frog eye salad (which is a delicious fruit and pasta salad concoction- also a big tradition- thank you Yang). I can't wait for Conference weekend!!

For those of you curious- General Conference is when we LDS peeps get to stay home and watch a live broadcast of all the general authorities and leaders of our church. It's awesome- and you gotta have the right kind of food to accompany it. This may be the reason we have such a hard time staying awake for the Sunday afternoon session- hmmm just thought of that.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Yang,

I miss you and every time I think about you being gone I get really really sad. I can still cry myself to sleep when I think about it too much. I've been playing Christmas songs already and I started playing the Christmas duets we used to play EVERY Christmas. I had to quit because I wanted to start crying and it was in the morning and I had the rest of the day to get through. Remember when I wore tennis shoes in the snow and got them completely soaked on the walk down to campus? Then you gave me your shoes to wear and you chilled in your socks at work all day? That meant a lot and I don't think I thanked you or appreciated you like I should have. I know I suck at life, but I'm still trying so I can see you again. I miss having someone who has my back- that was you- you always had my back.

I hope you have a lot of work on the other side to do to keep you busy because I know you miss everybody too. If I didn't have kids to keep me going I'd probably spend my days going crazy or just drinking Dr Pepper all day to shorten my life expectancy :)

Nessa (6 years and counting)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Tonight's FHE : Dessert Chopped.
We thought it would be interesting to add a savory ingredient into the things we had to use in our dessert-it wasn't, it was disgusting. Rosemary Garlic baked potato chips and ice cream are not a good combination- neither are cheese crackers and ice cream. Hopefully the kids had fun because both desserts turned out disgusting. They're holding up our creations in the pic. Jeebs gets points for creativity.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sales Sales Sales

Yesterday while Jeebs was at the temple I decided to brave Jacksonville Mall. All of the kids need church shoes for fall and it's always an adventure trying to find nice shoes. I was excited when I got to Gap and all Gap kids sale items were an extra 40% off. Remember I'm a sucker for a sale? I got Tates the cutest stuff- and she actually wanted to wear it to church today even though it was still really hot and gross outside. I didn't find as much for the boys, but they were all so well behaved I got them Star Wars shirts- which were also on sale :)
You can't really tell how cute her boots are in these pics- and I am coveting that jacket. (that means I really want it for those of you in Rio Linda :)
These pics are mostly for my mom- she loves new clothes on the grandkids pics. I know you'll hate this outfit Ma- but I love it. And don't worry I took the bow out before church :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fashion Failday

It's that time again - Friday Fashion Failday. I'm wearing my American Eagle jeans with my AE belt, a white cami, and this particularly sad top I bought online from j crew. It was on sale and it had ruffles. I am a sucker for sales and ruffles. I should have sent it back. When I buy things online I have to wait for them for so long that once I finally get them the excitement of just having something new overrules my senses. So, I ended up keeping this boxy, shapeless sad sad top.

I took off my jeans after I got home from Target because I was so hot. Then before I made dinner I changed into a t shirt that didn't require layers because again I was hot. So when I was about to take a picture of what I changed into (a major fashion fail- complete with knit gauchos and tennis shoes, never do that look) Jeebs informed me that that wouldn't be honeset. So, I went and changed back into what I had on for the day and acted like an idiot while snapping pictures of myself and making Jeebs snap a few too.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010


The heavens are speaking to me. I bought Jillian Michael's book "Making the Cut" on ebay and the P90X cardio DVD at the same time. I got the book first and immediately opened it up to find "Dedicated to my best friend, Vanessa." ha! After a few days I got the P90X dvd and started it up to check out what all the hype was about- the girl that does the workout with him, her name is Vanessa. I think something is trying to be said, I just don't know what it is. Maybe it's just that there are more people named Vanessa than I thought. How many Vanessas do you know? I'm not the first Jeebs knew, dag.

I also faced my fears this week and went to the dang doctor. I've been having discomfort and pain in my thyroid area- along with having dizzy spells constantly for a month- I thought it was time to get it checked out. I was terrified. I made the appointment and started shaking and freaking out. Then on the morning of my actual appointment I got ready with my heart racing. When I finally checked in I felt like I was going to have a heart attack the whole time. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was 120/102. Ha. yeah- I have a little white coat. If you know about my last birth experience you know why. Anyway, I had a checkup and an ultrasound of my thyroid- which was weird. I had blood tests done and then I was sent on my way. The best part about my check up? Getting to say NO to the questions about tobacco, alcohol and caffeine usage- and yes to exercising regularly. (I should be really healthy right? dang all those years of Dr. Pepper addiction!) Now- I just have to freak out every time the phone rings thinking the doctor's office is calling to give me some horrific news. I really should be heavily sedated all. the. time. I should end all my posts with poor jeebs. So, poor Jeebs. Percy facing his fears:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Tates

Taylor wrote her best friend, Bart, this sweet little note. I'm glad I read it before she gave it to him even though she will probably be really mad someday if she ever reads this :) I love my Tates even though she drives me crazy some days.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's been 300 years, right down to the day...

New Bern is 300 years old! Yay for New Bern! We'll probably still be living here for the next 400 year celebration. I forced everybody out of the house on Saturday morning because I wanted to see the parade. I love parades and haven't been to one in a while. In high school all the parades I went to I was marching in them... ahhhh band I miss you. (I do not miss marching in 500 degree weather 100% humidity with a band uniform on or worse a majorette outfit with tights that come up to my boozies, however.)

My favorite part was the 3 people playing the alpine horns. I didn't know they did anything other than "baaaaaaaaaaaaah" and then someone yells RIIIIIICCOOOLLLLAAAA!!! (which some lady did right after they were finished.)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Faced-ed

I took Cagey and Ezra to Kidsville today. I'm just wondering who cut those face holes out of this thing? I mean, how big are kids' faces these days? That would have to be a pretty big-faced-ed kid to fill that hole. Poor Cagey's noggin is doing a pretty good job of filling the space.

Fashion Friday Failday

This was inspired by my little brother's comment on my last fashion Friday post. It made me laugh out loud because as much as I would love to be the put together fashionista that's in my heart, well I am just not. So I give you Fashion Friday Failday...

I'm wearing a very boring t-shirt and some gap seersucker capris that are as old as Methusla. These things are finally falling apart. If y'all aren't enjoying this, at least I'm getting more motivation for my diet. I love how Jeebs is posing in the background. (Photograph courtesy of Bart :)) This is how I wear my hair most days because I hate fixing my hair. My headband is actually older than my capris. I got it at Old Navy right after Taylor was born and I love it. I wish I could find more cute tie on headbands that would actually stay in my hair like this one. Old Navy? can you get on that? thanks.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tates is my mini-me

This is Taylor sick on the recliner. She puked all through Labor Day weekend and then some. She ended up having a UTI. She is now complaining of a sore throat. Today she got in the car pretty distraught about her day- she got her first ticket (her teacher's way of penalizing students). She knew she was going to get one last night because she forgot her homework notebook at school and I wasn't able to sign it. She spent lunch time crying about the ticket in her pocket and always tells me she is scared at school (scared of getting in trouble). Taylor has complained of a tummy ache every day before school which she also comes by honestly. I had tummy aches every day in elementary school and my daddy had to take pepto every morning before school for his. I remember vividly being scared at school. Scared of being called down, scared of getting negative attention, scared of even hearing my name come out of my teacher's lips. To this day I don't like hearing my name- it always sends a split second streak of fear through me. I remember my first C. I was a senior in high school and it was in computer science II. Yuck- I hate computer science. Now I realize that a few tickets and one C aren't things to have panic attacks about- but while you're going through it- it's torture. Poor Tates.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We're Old

September 11th was supposed to be Jeebs' and my engagaversary. He came over to my apartment early that morning and we hadn't even turned on the TV. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. I think we sat on the couch for the whole day watching the news horrified at the events. I did go to my morning class but my professor came in and canceled because of the events that were unfolding. What a horrible day.

Instead today is our official engagaversary. I've already posted that story so I won't do it again, but wow- 9 years and 3 kids later (all the same baby daddy) and we're still going strong, hatin' on eachother. Happy Engagaversary Jeebs!
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Jumping with Ezra

I spent one hot afternoon out on the trampoline with Ezra. It's his new favorite thing to do, keeps him from "ruining" Cagey's life (according to Cagey), and keeps him from screaming for me to nurse him. He has been a punk lately- this morning he busted my lip with his head. I'm just glad my teeth didn't break or chip (this time- thanks Glen).

He loves to be naked lately and I was thinking how nice it is to be little and enjoy being naked.
1. you don't have to worry about anything flopping, swinging or jiggling.
2. you don't know you're showing your money to the world.
3. "bad naked" isn't in your vocabulary yet so any position, activity or movement is definitely okay whilst naked.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake cake

This is what I've been working on the last 3 nights. I am done and I am going to bed. I am ok with how it turned out except for the dadgum piped wavy line around the top tier. I am not a good piper, but I could've done better than that had I had the right equipment. Taylor tinted the red fondant for the polka dots and Cage cut out the pink polka dots. They did so good and made very little mess. Taylor also has her daddy's mind. I have one fondant smoother and I needed 2 to make a nice sharp edge- so I asked Tates- "is there anything you can think of that I could use for another fondant smoother?" she immediately ran off and a few minutes later came back with her perfect tiny little toy iron! I knew she wouldn't let me down.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby daddy

I have learned way too much about baby daddies at Walmart-

1. Is it uncommon these days to have all the same baby daddy? is that the exception? One checker told me she had 5 girls with all the same "baby daddy". Please don't hold back about your sex life- you've only known me for the 2 minutes you were scanning my groceries. She apparently "knew" (in the biblical sense) her baby daddy for 15 years, but had only been married to him for 9. Awesome.

2. Where in the heck did the 's go after baby's daddy? I'm assuming baby daddy is referring to the man that knocked you up, but didn't marry your sorry tail and is only good enough to be referred to as a "baby daddy". Was there a movie called baby daddy? This is bugging me. Where did the 's go?

3. Apparently my "baby daddy" and me only make babies that look "all alike".

AWww Walmart- thanks for the higher learning.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Friday

What do you get when there is nothing on TV- you've had a day full of whining, vomit and chiro appts- and you've been looking at way too many fashion blogs??? You get Vanessa's Friday Fashion!!! And, I know all of you are thinking what is the fabulous Vanessa wearing today. Well- think no more... I am wearing an outfit I've worn about 20 times- but I love it. the main reason I love it is because I don't have to layer this top. I have been so freaking hot since we got back from Utah. blagh. (I miss Utah in the fall so much)

I'm wearing my chambray shirt from Maurices- which already has a dang hole in it. Thank you Maurices for having such fabulous quality clothes. Gap capris that I rolled up and scored for 14$ many moons ago (wish I had leggings or something more straight) and my gladiators that I love right now because my back is hating heels. Do you like my background? I wanted to pose with the vacuum cleaner because it's only appropriate.

I say again- Jeebs is so long suffering. Maybe I should not do a fashion Friday post. What do ya think? I think I need to pick up my living room before I take pics in here and post for all the world to see. oh well.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall of Sampson

I got a wild hair up my nose this morning and decided it was time to give Ezra's locks a trim. I didn't mean for it to get so short, but he wasn't holding still and baby hair is hard to blend. I am so sad about it because look at those before pictures. He has a sort of elfin quality, eh? I had to put him in the sink and let him get himself soaked to get him still enough to finish it. OH what have I done?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ezra says

mamma, dada, bye bye, hi, ba ba (bath), hot, dog, ruf, ruf, something that sounds like 'what are you doing?', cheese, go, and when you do something for him he likes he holds his hand to the square and waits for a high 5. He also likes to pat you on the back when you pick him up. When he's poopy he points to his diaper and says "Da"- which we have also made up a song about. I love his face- I do not love the screeching of "mama" when he wants something - that needs to go.


We got a message from Craven County Schools today that school will be closing at 1pm tomorrow. Taylor was so happy she did a dance with the dog. Personally I think they should get out every day at noon or 1. Think how much money we could save not having to make and buy kids' lunches. It would be a quick path to lower taxes. But, then horror of horrors people would have to be home with their kids!

Also- I have an infestation of tomato hornworms. They are disgusting. I saw one going to town on a leaf and you could actually see the leaf disappearing. I pulled 12 off this same plant on Sunday- pulled about 14 more off this afternoon and then in the evening pulled about 6 more off. Gross. Gross. Gross. I stomped them all- oh the carnage- the green/orange guts were flying and staining my driveway. The ants were going to town on the carcasses. Tomorrow Earl will blow it all away.