Wednesday, June 26, 2013

100 Yr Old Furniture Make-over

This vanity is probably just under a hundred years or right at a hundred years old. My grandparents bought a house in 1966 in Utah with this furniture in it. It was already used and old. Then it was passed to my parents and me and yang used it our whole lives. It has been sitting in our room ever since. It was in serious need of a face lift. I forgot to take before pic, but snapped one after the sanding. So- you can't get the full effect of how nasty it was, but let me just say- It. Was. Bad.

Splash kingdom

The kids had a blast, but my pictures are lame sauce. We chose this place because it was close and supposedly 2 piece swimsuits are not aloud. I have never seen so much skin and crack in all my life. I have to say bikinis are just not enough fabric between you and the rest of the world. Cover yo' bum up! We had a good time though and got lots of Vitamin D!!

Pizza and cookies- Cagey was in heaven.

Taylor went down the slide too fast- I couldn't catch it- so I got her swimming back out of the way. lame.
Mookie would have been happy to walk around on the concrete and up and down the stairs all day long.
 Ezra was having a blast, but as usual, sad about not getting to go on the big rides with the big kids.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goggle face

Swimming is the ONLY enjoyable outdoor summer activity in the south. The kids take every chance they can to be in a pool. Even if the water feels like bath water. Blagh. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Non- scale glory

Today I told someone I took a lot of ballet classes without feeling like they were thinking, "wow, what a fat ballerina you were!" 

Then, I went bathing suit shopping and it was a blast! I always wondered what it would be like and it's Dadgum awesome! This was the winner, but it looks a lot cuter in person than in these pics. I will spare everybody from the other pics. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Texas thus far

First and foremost- I weigh 124lbs!!! Wha wha!!!! And in other news- I weigh 124!!! Okay anyway- we went to panera!!! I didn't think I'd get to go to panera ever again, but alas, Longview is booming. It. Was. Tasty. 

Also- the kids are loving driving grandpa's "tractor" around the yard. Cagey doesn't weigh enough to keep the motor going so he sits in front of Tates while he drives. It is HOT! But, the a/c is making ice cream. And lastly, I weigh 124 lbs!!!!! I totally understand if you stop reading this blog. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not so peaceful moment but we even made it to stake conference!!!

Second day out mookie was mad but still managed a disgruntled "cheese."

But, we made it and even got up for stake conference. 

Ezra even sported his new bow tie.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 1 a couple of peaceful moments

Actually it wasn't too bad. We are exhausted, but made it to Alberquerque with time to spare. Please let tomorrow go quickly! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Toilet paper

I closed and latched the bathroom door behind me so I could have some peace and privacy from the usual mookie attack- which consists of her opening the door and leaving it open- turning the light on and  off and insisting the sink be turned on so she can wash her "hands!". I'm minding my business when I hear mookie scream from the other side of the door- "mommy, mommy!" And with each mommy another tiny piece of toilet paper was slipped under the door for me to use. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Slow and steady

127 for today. I know it's slow, but I am 8 lbs below my original goal and I am amazed every week that I'm still able to lose. Why didn't I do this earlier in my life. So stupid, MOuth!

I still hate my stomach. I would like one day to see the muscles in my abs, cuz they are there, but still hidden. argh. Oh well I still have my sit-up champ title. Not so much champ, but 2nd and third place.

I have waited and waited to get Mooks this outfit and I finally did. That shirt is one of the cutest shirts Gymboree has ever made!