Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday morning

(The girls before church in their cute Sunday clothes.)
This is Meny mook in her blessing outfit because I forgot to get a picture of her by herself on her blessing day. Yeah, I'm doing real good- I also call her meny mook all the time and sometimes Mookus- which sounds like I'm calling my child mucus...which is also another reason I should get some kind of an award.
ps These pics are pretty crumby because the regular camera was out of batteries (thank you Ezra) and I had to use Jeebs' phone.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What time is it? What time is it? What time is it?

(Ezra loves to go!)
It's Adventure Time! Jeebs was just recently released as the Young Men's Pres and called as the scout master so now we have an excuse to go exploring for places to hike and camp. I take after my daddy- I love everything about camping except the having to sleep outside. Once it's nighttime, I'm ready to go in, get a shower and get in my bed. But, I love to hike and I've been itching to go. He found a trail out to a lake he thought would be a good place for camping so we headed out to make the 1 hour drive. Our older 2 were not happy about it and I guess karma is a you know what- and I got all the complaining I ever did paid back in one hike. Taylor complained of the bugs the whole way down the trail to the lake and Cagey whined and cried the whole way back. When I say the whole way- I mean the whole dang way!(Notice the double thumbs down)
(Insert Cagey's whining/crying soundtrack here)
(Jeebs and I will be leaving the older 2 scallywags at home next time)
(My mom said this every time she took us to the grocery store and every time we'd get to go)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Some time after Jeebs and I were unofficially engaged (whatever that means) we were driving back to Provo from Sandy. We were riding in what Glen and I lovingly called "the granny". (It was actually my grandma Wagley's car) Jeebs was driving, the windows were down because it was September and still hot, (the a/c was out) and I was dozing in the front seat. I don't remember the exact conversation, but I remember Jeebs saying to me that while I was sleeping next to him he could imagine us married, driving in our own car, and even a baby in the backseat. I thought it was so sweet at the time.

Fast forward 10 years later and we're in North Carolina driving on a 2 lane highway from Jacksonville (a town with actual stores and restaurants) to New Bern (40 min away) with our 4 babies in the back. Cagey was in the 3rd seat going insane, making random noises and laughing hysterically (no more Barq's root beer EVER for that kid). Taylor was laughing and munching on her snack from Sam's. Ezra was keeping a loud, running commentary complete with the occasional "shup up Cagey!" I don't know where he learned that word. And, last but not least, our Meny was screaming her head off in her car seat. I was not sleeping this time and I had to ask Jeebs if this is what he imagined so long ago. In true Jeebs fashion- "I think I imagined them asleep."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Confession

I gained 21 pounds with Kilmeny. That's almost less than half of what I usually gain. I was very strict with my diet: no sweets and only whole wheat or ezekiel bread and protein like none other (trying to stave off pre-eclampsia, worked real well, ha). One week postpartum I had lost 15 of those 21 pounds and today 5 weeks postpartum I have gained 3 of them back, dang it. You wanna know why? huh huh? Because I have been eating everything! I went without sweets and bread and junk food for a very long time and I want to enjoy life for just a few more weeks, stuffing my face with chocolate, cake, cookies and burgers. Sweets do not agree with me and when I'm prego they give me horrible heartburn. So, these last 5 weeks I have eaten more sweets and bread than I have in about a year :) I definitely feel a little yucky, but my cream cheese pound cake was worth it! I will start doing better soon, but today is not that day...maybe tomorrow.

I have a goal to do a chin-up before I die. I'm thinking I gotta get off some gloop before that happens. Can you do a chin-up? Could you ever? If so, I hate you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ezra's view

Ezra took about 50 photos yesterday walking through the house. I had to save a few. Do your kids ever take pics of you that make you cringe? Yeah, that's one up there. Taylor was not happy about her portrait...maybe one day she'll learn to close the door. I had to include the ones of Percy bcause I thought he did a good job- it's hard to take dog pics without red eye and he did it at 2...he's a genius.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Because she can't say it herself...

and because her hair is so cute and fluffy...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meny's mini shoes

I had to take pics of Meny's little crocheted shoes. We got them to go with her blessing dress and I didn't get any pics of just her all dolled up on her day sooo... I got some today before her long monkey toes outgrow them. Her hairs getting lighter too- I thought I was going to get a brunette.

Grandpa's nachos

It's always fun when grandpa comes... because the kids know they're going to get to eat nachos for lunch and dinner if they want.

My kids asked for nachos today- if I could make them like grandpa. Apparently his are the best. I think I know the process, but he might have to correct me if I'm wrong.

1. Spread chips on the plate...
2. Add jalapenos if you're Tates or Grandpa... not for Cagey...
3. Cut slices of cheese, and distribute evenly on top of the chips...

Microwave for about 45 seconds and then watch your kids or grandkids enjoy their perfectly unhealthy lunch. I am such a good mom!

Perfectly Positive Post

Yesterday was Wednesday and I love Wednesdays during the summer. Why? Because it's So You Think You Can Dance day!! I look forward to it all day because I know whatever happens during the day I will get to eventually sit down and relax while I watch my show. It usually makes the rest of my day great as well. Yesterday I sat outside for 2 hours watching my kids swim in their one foot deep pool. We finally set it up and our solution (kind of by accident) was to fill it only about 16 inches deep. It's only up to Ezra's waist and he has floaties- so he's always able to stand up. I love getting out in the sun it makes me happy and tan. A tan is always good after you have a baby because...well, chubby flesh looks better when it's a shade or two darker :) We came in and had lunch. I had a super quick shower and fed my baby...took a very short nap and after dinner we all went out for a family stroll. Everybody got baths and I watched my show. Do you have those perfect days?

ps While we were outside Tates asked me if it hurt when Kilmeny was born. I told her it hurt a little bit. She was a bit confused- " I thought it wouldn't hurt because she was so little." yeah - it still hurts Tates. Then Cagey in his infinite wisdom said (look away if you don't like poop talk) "Because she was bigger than your poop?"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pitiful summer faces

This is what our summer day has consisted of so far. First, after getting dressed for the day, the kids decide they want to go outside and shoot water guns at each other. This quickly progressed into shooting the water hose at each other and they were soaked. I yelled at them to change into their suits. So I throw out their suits and they change out of their nice sopping wet clothes. They are content to play in the hose and the teeny tiny swimming pool in their suits for a little while. I'm frantically cleaning the house before the baby has a meltdown and I soon see these faces appear at the back door.

Taylor is hidden under the towel in my lawn chair. They were all ready to come back in. It wasn't even 11 o clock and I had another load of laundry to do. They changed into their 3rd outfits for the day and we went for a walk. We'll see how many more wardrobe changes we have to have. Actually Ezra's on his fourth outfit for the day...awesome.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

AHHHHH Summer...

No more homework, no more know the rest. My kids are hard up for a pool. We have a larger pool, but since Ezra can get out of both doors we're still worried about putting it up. We've thought about play gates and sensors for the doors- but haven't settled on anything great. Not to mention we have a little boy next door that has no qualms about coming into our yard using, getting on, or taking our stuff. Ahhgg, we need a fence- if for nothing else so people can't see me laying out. yuck. My apologies to my neighbors- at least my suit is very modest :)

Big brothers, baby sister

Cagey is so sweet to his little sister. He sings to her when I play primary songs on the piano, but only when he thinks no one is listening. Ezra loves to kiss her little head over and over and always says, "uh, hold this!" I got a bow to stick in Meny's hair for a whole Sunday- woohoo.

ps I forgot to mention her big sister that does everything for her. This morning she changed her diaper and got her dressed for church while I ate breakfast. I could not do it without Tates!

Friday, June 10, 2011


These signs are in the parking lot at Tryon Palace in downtown New Bern. It makes me want to vomit- especially since most people coming to see this place (and spend their hard earned money) have more than 2 kids and can't fit their family into a prius. YOU ARE NOT SAVING THE PLANET PRIUS OWNERS!! Get over yourselves. I will drive my gas guzzling SUV until the gov't pries it from my cold dead fingers.

New Bernians, have you been to Persimmons?

After a quick trip to the Tryon Palace gift shop my mom, the kids and I wanted to try out the new restaurant downtown. I'd heard everything was fresh, local and organic. Yummity- we checked the menu and even though the kids weren't overly excited we decided to give it a whirl.

It's really pretty on the outside and right on the Neuse. Besides the over abundance of geriatric patients, the inside is just as nice.

While I'm sure they don't see a whole lot of groups with 4 small children- they did have high chairs and a kid's menu. My kids got burgers, of course, complete with freshly fried yukon gold fries.

I got a tomato salad with mixed greens and goat cheese (blagh). There was pesto and balsamic drizzled over the top. It was tasty and fresh- I just ate around the goat cheese- that stuff tastes like rotting cardboard.

Ma got the Bern (or Bear?) burger with fresh organic beef, a fried green tomato and grilled red onions. On the side were freshly fried sweet potato fries. I could have rolled around on those fries and been happy for a while. The burger was tasty too- the beef had absolutely no wang. Ya know how ground beef can sometimes taste like a cow patty? Yeah, this was just a fresh beef flavor in a patty.

Ma will probably kill me for this last pic, but I just had to document that she was there. I was there too with Meny in the Moby. I kept dropping food on her little head as she slept- Taylor was so put out with me. She kept saying "MOMMY, be careful", like I was hurting her somehow with my salad.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shooting and more shooting

This is how we roll. We start our kids shooting young. A brother in our ward was nice enough to take us out shooting yesterday. It was hot, but we had fun. Jeebs and I got to shoot our new glock for the first time. My hands were shaking by the time I stopped shooting it. I could see the fire coming out the end of it every time I pulled the trigger. I like shooting .22's-no kick, not loud, not scary. I'm not into fire power, but I want any intruder to know I will knoCK YO' PUNK A down! If it takes getting used to shooting our 9 mm then so be it. Tates got to shoot Grandpa's lever action .22 rifle and she had a blast. She even hit a few targets. Ezra sat in the car with his hands over his ears saying "no, I don't want it." I shot daddy's .22 and was the first to hit a shotgun shell set up several yards happy.


I thought I'd be so smart...

1. I need a tan
2. The grass needs watering.
3. The kids love to pay in the sprinkler
4. The kids love to be outside when I'm out there.

I put on my swimsuit and set up my chaise lounge. I set up the sprinkler and it lasted all of a very sporadic hour. Ezra wasn't really into going outside- he kept wanting to go in. Cagey would not come out at all. Kilmeny woke up and was only satisfied to sleep outside for about 10 minutes. I gave up and I have decided that a tan is overrated. (I'll try again tomorrow because I'm determined (or dumb) like that.)

ps Goodbye to all the grandparental units! Back to life, back to reality...blagh. I really wish everybody could have stayed longer...hopefully our house will sell soon and we'll get to move back closer to everybody.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Meny's Blessing Day

We had a nice Sunday and blessed our little meny girl. She looked so cute in her little pink dress and shoes and her daddy gave her a wonderful blessing. As he blessed her to be a peacemaker and a joy to those around her she wailed into the microphone...typical.

Daddy was the shortest in the group and by the time the blessing was finished she had been bounced to a height above his head- this is what he looked like.
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