Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not yesterday or today either :)

We're still waiting. My patience is wearing thin. Oh well, I know it will happen. I'm guessing this one is going to be another 8+ watermelon like Cagey. I'm distracting myself by thinking about what shoes I want to get after the baby comes :) I need to take a picture of my flip-flops I've been wearing this whole time. They are definitely going in the trash when the baby is born. The dog has chewed them and there is a permanent indention where my feet fit in them. Yuck. I've found some super high sandals on piperlime. If I could figure out how to copy the dang image I would post it on here, but nothing ever works the same way twice for me- it seems.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

not today

The first thing Taters said to me this morning was, "the baby is going to be born today!" Well she's been saying it all day and unless it suddenly happens in the next hour- I don't think it will be today. Soon though- it has to be soon, right?

Today was my 40 week appointment and they were listening to the heartbeat with the doppler. The kids were playing by the fireplace and as soon as Cagey heard the heartbeat he says to taylor, "Taylor it's an airplane!" as he's staring out the window. Taylor, never missing a beat, said, "It's not an airplane, Cagey, it's the baby." It was hilarious. Taylor wants a baby sister so bad- I really think it's a boy- she said she'll be happy with a boy...while it's just a baby. I guess the older Cagey gets the more he bugs her :) Okay so I guess all that is left to do is to put up a vote- what do you think boy or girl? Again, wish I had a picture of my HIIIEEEdGE belly to put up, but I don't. It's amazing how big a belly can get- man oh man.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just a quick note...

No, not the baby- no labor- no nothing. My due date is tomorrow. My midwife was supposed to come today for my 40 week appointment, but she called and was at a birth- YAY!! somebody had a baby!! they do come out... She said she hopes it's starting a trend. I wonder if I could luck out enough to have 2 babies exactly on their due dates. My midwife is coming tomorrow and hopefully it'll be for a birth and not just another prenatal appointment- I am very over all the prenatal visits. Right now Taylor just got done screaming and crying about her story she had to write and Cagey is screaming at me that he doesn't want water. He, like his daddy, is apparently H2O intolerant. sheesh!! This is turning out to be a lovely day!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

7 days

7 more days to go- and I'm ready to sit and cry every day I get up. Today I have been especially tired- I can barely stay awake. It is ridiculous. I did get a cool present from my next door neighbor. She is a very nice lady that writes novels- I think they're mystery/romance novels. I've been wanting to read something she's written and never gotten around to it. Today I was sitting outside enjoying the weather we're having and she came over and gave me her first book to read while I wait for my baby to get here. She said she'll autograph it later :) I thought it was really nice of her- she had been putting her bathrobe at the foot of her bed every night the past few nights while I waited for my mom to get here. She said she was on high-alert, if we needed to go to the hospital or something really fast and we needed someone to sit with our kids during the night to just come over and bang on the door. It's great to have such nice neighbors. sorry I am having a contraction- wait for it wait for it- ok. These are uncomfortable- but I've realized what they are. It's my intestines contracting and my uterus having sympathy contractions- stupid. I need a picture to put with this post to make it more interesting- but I ain't got one- so you'll have to deal with the random ramblings of a miserably pregnant person.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Proud to be a Texican

Whenever anybody found out I was from Texas at BYU they always assumed I was a die hard Texan. I was never one of the die hard Texans all about Texas until now. I don't know if anybody went to any of the TEA parties in their area, but Glenn Beck was at the one in San Antonio held at the Alamo. I'm so proud to be from Texas where there is a governor with the guts to stand up to the Federal government- where people don't want anything from their government. They want to work hard for what they get and what they want. They want the government to get their hand out of every aspect of thier lives. This is the mindset everyone needs to have. The more people turn to the government for 'help', the more power people give over to them. Our founding fathers did not want big government- that's what they fought against. I may not blast the country music, wear wranglers, or go boot scootin'- but I love the mindset of Texas. I never wanted to move back to Texas for good because it is so stinkin' hot and I was raised by a mother that wanted us to all broaden our horizons- now, I'm thinking Texas is not so bad. Jeebs has even said that he wouldn't mind moving to Texas because of the great politics there. That is saying something - from the diehard Oregonian.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Update

I have had a million contractions. They have been anywhere from 9-12 min apart and then stop for about 30 min. So about 4 or5 every hour I guess. I can't really trust them because I always have contractions. The baby is flopping around like none else and my shirts are all getting where they won't cover my HIIDDGE belly. I think that's a reason not to go to church- right? when all your shirts show your belly :) Anyway- hopefully these contractions will start doing something or stop so I can be a little more comfortable. My mom is not here yet, but hopefully she'll buckle down and be here Sunday or Monday. MA!!! It's been good for me though because I've had to force myself to keep going and all the housework is probably good for inducing labor. I finished a little quilt made out of my sister's Suzy Zoo material for the baby. I wanted he/she to have something of their own that was handmade. My left hand keeps swelling- very annoying. That's all for now. If anything more interesting happens I'll try and post it- unless things go too fast, but i'm thinking I'm really not lucky enough to go early :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Jeebs made a remark today that I thought was so telling about him. He told us how glad he was that Easter hadn't become as commercialized as Christmas. We can focus on the real reason of Easter. Jeebs keeps such a good perspective on things. It is so wonderful what Christ has done for us and because He overcame death so will we. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of Him I will see my sister again and have my family with me forever.

I am also so thankful for my cute kids. They are definitely the reason I keep going and the reason I keep wanting more :) As hard as it is to be in your childbearing years- it's such a short and exciting time of your life. I just keep thinking- I'm not going to be able to do this my whole life- so I really need to enjoy it while I can and I want to enjoy and experience every part of it. This is the main reason I love having homebirths- they're more personal and it's all about the experience- no one there to mess it up for you. Not to mention safer and better for you and your baby.

If anybody hasn't seen Elder HOlland's talk with the video put to it on check it out- it is really good.

37 weeks and still public

This week has just flown by. Tates keeps a mental countdown to my due date. Every morning she sees me she says such and such days to the baby. I hope this baby won't come late and let her down :) I have been trying to do a little better with keeping on keeping on- generally I just give up, but this week had a lot of fun activities. Funtivities! hehehe what show? Anyway, I have to say the funniest pregnant comment I've heard so far is "I want some of those nachos." That was one of my friends' husbands, Brother Allen. Ya know the Taco Bell commercial with the dude dressed up as a prego lady? Yeah- I was just thinking the other day how much my belly was looking like that big plastic bubble with the nachos. It made me laugh anyway.

This last week me and the kids and the Savitz clan headed to whole-in-the-road Aurora NC. They have a cool little museum and a dirt pit to dig in with all kinds of ocean fossils- like shark teeth. We found lots of shark teeth and there was tons of corral. Pretty cool. I think the kids enjoyed it and I was just proud of myself for being seen in public when I didn't have to be.

Good Friday wasn't so good. I had to drive to Burgaw for my midwife appointment which is a hour and a half drive. I had to be there at 10 so I had to get up early and hit it. I was so miserably tired and fat- cursing as I was getting Cagey ready to go with me- good mom, right? I am trying to stay awake the whole drive down and my large bum is killing me. Finally pull into the office at about 10:05 and no one is there. I called my midwife and I had the wrong (*&#^ day!! She doesn't see her clients once a week until 39 weeks- ARGH! So this Friday I have to go down again! I'm just praying that maybe the baby will come this week so I don't have to make the drive. As I'm driving home- I called Jeebs to tell him what I did and that I'd be home in a little while. Well, 5 minutes after hanging up with Jeebs he calls me back with more news. He was supposed to be off- he didn't realize he had Good Friday off- we could've had a whole relaxing day doing something fun or n ice together- or getting something done!! ARGH!! Then he went on a campout that night- I was so afraid I was going to go into labor and he was going to be gone- but alas- I am still pregnant- the baby saved his bum.

Saturday was the Easter Egg Hunt at the church. The kids had fun making pine cone bird feeders and playing games, planting flowers and finding eggs. Cagey got all of 3 eggs on his own- parents were stuffing his basket with more eggs out of their own kids' baskets. He actually was pretty happy just to have his 3 eggs though :) Tates cleaned up too- she only had about a dozen eggs and she got the same treatment. I shudder to think how much sugar they have consumed in the last 2 days.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Uncle Page and Aldi Airlines :)

My little brother, Page, came this past week for a visit and to be my personal massage therapist. Dang- I will miss him :) I felt very good and I was able to walk around a lot easier. My feet are feeling better as well. We got him the ticket several weeks ago and got the cheapest thing we could find :) Apparently it might as well have been called Aldi airlines. Sooooo, the ticket was cheap, but he had to pay 15$ for his one checked suitcase that was way under 50 lbs. They had no complimentary snacks- don't you pretty much assume you're going to get peanuts and/or crackers on a flight? Especially a 3 1/2 flight? Anyway, he got a drink- that was it. What in the heck? I think every one of his flights was delayed taking off and he had to sit on the tarmac waiting for some random problems to be taken care of. Well, he got here and got home safely- that's all that matters. We didn't do much- the weather was not very cooperative. On Monday I was determined to go to the beach because you can't really come to New Bern and not go to the beach. So, we headed to the beach in the morning even though we were under a tornado watch. It's not really a big deal to us because we lived our lives under tornado watches- and even lived through a tornado. As long as things aren't too threatening looking- which they weren't- no biggie. HOLY Hannah- we got to the beach and could barely get out of the car. The wind was like hurricane wind. It was ridiculous. We got sandblasted- and the surf was amazing. It was pretty cool looking, but the kids were miserable- they didn't have jackets and Cagey was having a hard time standing in the wind. We had sand on every square inch and in every crevice of our bodies.
We got El Cerro in Havelock afterwards- so it was worth the trip:)
This was pretty typical scene while Page was here. He was playing a computer game and the kids were on either side of him watching his every move.

This is what Cagey was doing the whole time- he was so miserable and kept saying, "I'm ready to go home." Look at the water.

This is a shot of the dry sand blowing and sandblasting everything in its path. I don't know if it really shows how freaking fast and ridiculous the wind and sand was blowing.

I told Tates to cuddle up to Cagey to keep him warm and I thought this picture turned out really cute. Tates and Cagey really enjoyed having Uncle Page spend the week here. I think they enjoyed beating him up and Cagey had someone else to ask 700 times- "What are you doing?" and "Why?"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Biggest Loser forever

Is anybody else sick of the biggest loser?? It's been going on forever now. They keep bringing people back and adding twists- I mean come on already- get over with. I'm sick of all the episodes focusing on all the drama. It's about the weight loss people. Let's just get to the end so we can see how skinny they all are. Anyway- just wondering.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


For those of you who know me- know that I have anxiety "issues". The closer my due date gets the more anxious I get. I know I can do this and I'm not really nervous about the delivery- I guess tonight I'm most anxious about my stupid blood pressure. I don't want to have to deliver at a hospital. I KNOW in my head that my blood pressure is fine. I guess since my midwife took my bp last time and it was high- I'm going to freak out every time it is taken- even at home. I feel myself get anxious just thinking about it. When it's high she asks me- "what has it been being at home?" Usually it's completely normal, but now that I know it'll probably be high when she takes it and then she'll ask me "what has it been at home?" so now it stresses me a bit to take it at home. ARGHH! It's after midnight and I'm exhausted. My little brother has worked on my hip, back, legs and feet the last 2 days and I am feeling much better. Especially after today- oh happy day!

We have been going over boys' names- we haven't decided on anything yet. I'm liking the name Thayre or Flynn. I really like Ezra or Fox for middle names. Who knows what crazy thing we'll come up with :) In another related matter- I now have proof, my brother, who hasn't seen me since I've been pregnant- says my nose IS bigger. gag.