Monday, November 27, 2017

And it really happened..

Still in shock at losing 1 pound over the Thanksgiving break. I am now down to 124.2!!!!!! I could add more exclamation points, but I'll leave it at that.

It is doable...I stuck with turkey and veggies mostly. I did have a roll and some stuffing. When it came to desserts I just had a few bites of the things that I really really wanted and you know what? That was enough, sweet tooth satisfied and no pain in the gut. Well, actually there was a little pain in the gut.

We had a fun Thanksgiving that started EARLY. Jeebs, Cagey and I got up to run a turkey trot down in Eagle Mountain. It was very low key and really fun. I'm making everybody do it next year. Then we raced through breakfast and getting ready for the day. We made it to South Jordan just after 11 for bowling with fam. It was fun, but wow, I am a terrible bowler. We were done bowling by around noon and headed to Tim and Sally's to smell food and play games. After the games were done, we just sat and smelled food while I contemplated eating my own young. I. Was. Starving. Maybe that's where the 1 pound fell off? I'll take it. Happy Thanksgiving! On to baking season and praying I don't eat any of it :)