Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Back on the losing train, (I hope)

After Loo was born I pretty easily and quickly went back down to 5 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I thought it was going to come off eventually, nursing...weaning...hormones, you know the drill. But, here we are 2 and a half years later and I was still hovering around 128, on a good week I'd go down to 126. SOOOOOOOOoooo after upping my workout routines lifting ALL THE WEIGHTS I HAD, nada. nothing. zilch. So, here I am trying to get back into losing mode, if only for a month or two to lose those dadgum pounds and maybe a few more just so my post-5 baby stomach doesn't drive me insane.

This past week I did pretty well. I went from 128.4 to 126.6 and I call that a win. So this week is the test. I really don't have any desire to cheat or eat treats or anything because my stomach has been giving me heck with all the little "tastes" I've had of the endless treats lately. I have found a secret new weapon. I LOVE hot chocolate and I HATE hot almond milk. It tastes like cardboard box. But, now I've figured out how to cover up the cardboard...Torani sugar free syrups!! The sugar free brown sugar cinnamon is my favorite, but we also have peppermint which is a close second. If you're looking for a good hot chocolate alternative...just try the syrups in your sugar free chocolate almond milk :) you're welcome

I'll report back next week to see if anything actually comes off this week. I haven't been below 126 in a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG time and it's so close I can taste it, (and it taste like starvation).